Sunday 17 February 2013

No Vomiting Here!

In the 19 months Leo has been in our lives we have experienced viral infections, colds, ear infections diarrhoea, and more colds. Each of these illnesses and bugs have brought with it their own special joys of sleepless nights and a not so happy little boy, but we have been relatively lucky in the sense that we hadn't yet come across any nasty sickness bugs. 

No vomiting here!

Our luck ran out on Friday night when around 11pm Leo awoke crying. I made my way to him thinking he just needed a cuddle and tucking back into bed, but as soon as I opened his bedroom door I knew he was poorly. I could smell the sick as I entered his room, so I instantly flicked the light on and I was met with one poorly little man completely covered in sick.

He was lay there and my first worry was how long had he been laying in his sick? What if I hadn't heard? What if he had choked? I hadn't heard anything until he started crying so I can only think that it had immanently happened. He looked so sorry for himself, so confused.

Now I had always wondered how I would react when it came to dealing with proper child sick, the lumpy kind that actually smells like sick. Not the milky possit type...the REAL stomach turning kind. But seeing my little man crying and just wanting a cuddle, I didn't even think twice about reaching in and picking him up out of the cot. I didn't care that I too was now covered in the less than desirable substance...

I called to Luke over the baby monitor to come up and give me a hand, so as he stripped off Leo's bed I began running Leo's first bath of the night. All Leo wanted was a cuddle and I literally had to prise him off me to get him into the bath. 

I got him ready for bed again in a fresh pair of pyjama's and snuggled him in for a cuddle, I wondered whether we were in for more sickness...and I didn't have to wait long to find out that we were indeed in for more sick. Lot's more.

Luckily I managed to run with him from the lounge into the comfort of the laminated kitchen floor, an easy to mop zone where cleaning was going to be much more pleasant.

When Leo was being sick he looked so scared and he clung to me like he was never going to let me go.  So in the process I was getting covered, my hair, my back and my front all depending on how Leo decided to hold himself while he was in the throws of it all. And you know what, I did not mind one little bit. I just wanted to get Leo through each bout of sickness and I wanted him to know that I was there for him. 

Of course this meant that Leo and I both got through quite a few pairs of pyjama's and we defiantly had the distinct smell of sick oozing off us and floating around the house. From 11pm through to 7am Leo had 4 baths and our bed had 2 changes after he decided he wanted his milk. Surprisingly I actually got a little bit of sleep after preparing myself for an all nighter. 

Of course getting Leo to bed meant that I had to get blankie in the wash. Blankie is Leo's pride and joy, and had been one of the many casualties in Leo's exorcist impersonation. Blankie was the first thing in the wash and in the dryer and took around 2 hours for us to get back to him, and any other blanket I tried to coax him with resulted in failure. He knew that it wasn't blankie. 

So when we finally got Leo down to sleep with his blankie from about 3am and we got 4 hours of sleep I was very happy. Only at about 7am we were awoken by another bout of sickness from little man who had been sleeping in our bed...Blankie took the brunt of it and again ended up back in the wash...It is safe to say that I took to eBay and found Leo a spare yesterday. We need two for when this happens again!

Leo's blankie is part of a cot set that I bought back in 2011 and I really did wonder if I would be able to get hold of one, but someone must be looking out for me as I have tracked one down and it should be here next week! 

We won't be caught out again! 

Yesterday was spent cuddled up with Leo on the sofa, where he did lot's of sleeping and refused to eat.  He seems to be well on the mend now but my poor little bubba really has been under the weather.

I ended up with a mountain of washing that looked like it may take days to wash...But somehow I tackled it. Duvets, pillows, clothes, towels. You name it, I washed it. Then I cleaned the entirety of the kitchen and mopped the floor, it really did need it. I then put all the bed's back together again and collapsed on the sofa and was completely ready for bed by 8:30!

I have to say though that I was shocked at how well I dealt with the whole sickness thing, I guess when your baby is ill you really do whatever you can to get them through it and out the other side. I didn't care that I looked and smelt so awful, I didn't care that the house was a pig sty. I knew my only mission that night was to be there for my beautiful boy. 

But my oh my, I need another weekend in order to get over this one!

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