Monday 4 February 2013

The Possession Review

Lionsgate very recently sent me the new release of The Possession to watch for one of those moments when I obviously have a child free moment. Yes… I do occasionally get them!

So with Leo tucked up for an afternoon nap and Luke hard at work, I curled up on the sofa to watch a film that I wanted to watch, a film that Luke would refuse to watch had I waited for him to come home later that night.

I have to admit that I enjoy horrors, I always go in with really high hopes and come out feeling a little deflated after all of the hype that goes into the advertisments and the pre released trailers. And I thought maybe this time would be different, maybe this time my expectations would be met.

The film is about a young girl Emily who is coming to terms with her parent’s divorce. Emily and her elder sister are visiting their Father who has just moved into his new house since moving out of the family home. While driving along they drive past a garage sale where a mass array of household items and personal effects are up for sale.

Emily discovers an old antique (dybbuk) box completely unaware of the sinister items inside the box, and the malicious spirit that she is about to unleash.

The beginning of the film set the scene of what to expect from the remainder of the performance but I have to say after an explosive start I felt that it took too long for anything else to happen. There were moments where little Emily got my attention but for the most part I thought it was a bit hit and miss.

I liked that on this occasion instead of it being a Christian exorcist as in the majority of the other possession titles I have seen, that it was based around the Jewish faith. I thought that the basis of this had the prospect of a good film and had there been more scenes with the possessed child and more of a story about where the box had originated rather than CGI bugs swarming out of the young girls mouth, there would have been more of an edge surrounding it.

I do really think that it was somewhat watered down to appeal to a wider (younger) audience. Maybe to get more people through the cinema doors? Or to make more DVD/Blu Ray sales? For me in a film like this all the stops need to be pulled out and if that means making it 18+ then so be it.

I am yet to watch a possession horror film that has ticked all the boxes and let me leave the screening thinking that they had nailed it. I admit I do have high expectations for a film of this genre (I guess I just want something to really scare me!) but so far I am still waiting for that one film to come along and do just that.

For now though I do recommend giving this film a watch as although it did not tick every box for me it was enjoyable and lets face it Jeffrey Morgan is very easy on the eyes!

You can purchase your very own copy of The Possession right here.

Disclaimer: I was sent The Possession on DVD for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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