Sunday 9 June 2013

Planning a 2nd Birthday

I have been in the midst of deciding what we will be doing on little man's 2nd Birthday.

I have an idea in my mind’s eye of how I want the day to go, I want to spend the day out in the garden with family and friends, amongst his birthday presents, balloons and giant bubbles.

Luke will be tasked with the job of putting together Leo’s main birthday gift the night before while I keep little man with me at home. You see Leo’s birthday present off us this year is something that won’t fit in our garden at home without taking up the majority of the lawn…

He is getting his very own wooden playhouse, that is going to be set up in his Grandparent’s garden ready for those days he is with Granny!

A house that comes kitted with a slide right off the side of the house, and it is a house that we will be putting Leo’s very own mark on over the next few months. Luke is being tasked with wall papering the interior, I can only imagine that Baa and Macca Pacca will feature! He is in charge of finding some carpet that will fit snuggly inside to make it a perfect little space for Leo to enjoy.

We will be kitting it out with a sofa and other items favoured by Leo that will keep him entertained as he plays house in his little wooden home.

I am wishing for sunshine and warding away any Grey clouds and rain for Leo’s big day. I want to invite some of his little friends around for a play and to help celebrate Leo’s Second birthday in style!

I have spent many a evening dreaming up Leo's birthday cake and deciding whether I have the ability to cook something amazing up. Regardless of capability I will be giving it a shot! I have spent hours in the kitchen on test runs...Some have worked and others...Just haven't.  

Now I know exactly what I will be doing. 

Leo is having a Timmy Sheep cake that I know he is going to love, and I have just worked out how to make the cake work. By molding Rice Krispie treats I have managed to create Timmy's face, arms and legs out of nothing more than Rice Krispies, Marshmallows and Butter. So now all I need to do is apply this to the final cake and fill in Timmy's middle with the birthday cake!

The full 'How to make a Timmy Sheep Cake' will be coming soon...

And to in-keep with the theme of the Timmy cake, I have decided that Timmy will feature throughout the entire day! Expect Timmy balloons and Happy Birthday Banners! 

We have booked in a family photo shoot on Leo's actual birthday, The last one we had done was just after Leo turned 1 and started walking. I think that it would be amazing to have some professional photos taken once a year around this time as Leo is growing up.

Now I have an idea of how the day is going to go (Sunshine permitting) I am getting rather excited about Leo turning the big 2!

But I still find it hard to comprehend just how quickly the last 2 years have gone. How is it that next year he will be turning 3? 

Time is quite simply running away with me.


  1. The Timmy theme sounds great, I'm sure Leo will love it. And it sounds like you've thought of lots of thing to make Leo's party special. A photoshoot sounds like a lovely way to capture how he changes from year to year. x

    1. Timmy was a great theme for his second. God knows what will be rolling around for his third birthday x


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