Monday 17 June 2013

See you at Brit Mums Live 2013!

This Friday I am heading to London for Brit Mums Live, I have had this weekend marked on my calendar since the beginning of the year and excited does not even begin to cover how much I have been looking forward to it.

It is a time where I can be let loose and talk everything blogging with people who get it, Luke often looks at me blankly as it all goes straight over his head. It is a whole weekend where I don’t have to wait until Leo is napping or in bed before I can let the geek in me out of the bag.

The conference kicks off on Friday afternoon and goes on for the whole of Saturday, there are a number of different workshops going on over the two days, so I am going to have to narrow down the ones that I feel that I will get the most out of.

This year I must make sure I take more notes so that I can look back on what was discussed in the sessions, l want to be able to use what I learn to take my blog to the next level.

I attended last year not knowing what to expect from a blogging conference, but I know this year that I will be coming away with fresh ideas going forward, and a rejuvenated passion for what I do. I am looking forward to putting names to the faces of other bloggers that I have been tweeting with over the past year, and also meeting new ones and discovering new blogs to add to my ‘must read list’.

There will be a number of brands at this years Brit Mums Live such as Panasonic and Butlins. Last year I was chosen as a Panasonic Intelligent Living Mum which was a real honour and a fantastic experience. This year I hope to schmooze with Butlins and apply to be a one of their ambassadors, I think Leo would absolutely love this now he is that little bit older.

I am really excited about this year’s Bloggers Key Notes and look forward to hearing some amazing bloggers recite their best work. Last year there wasn't a dry eye in the house through the laughter from Claire at Ministry of Mum and the most personal of posts from Hayley at Downs Side Up.

It was amazing hearing the author’s of the posts read them exactly as they were meant to be read. You can hear the feeling in their voice, the sentiment. You laugh with them and you cry with them and that is why the bloggers key note is my favourite part.

I am being sponsored to attend Brit Mums Live by the lovely people at Hilary’s Blinds, I am really grateful to them helping me out and sending me along to be with everyone this weekend.

You can find Hilary’s Blinds on their website, and you can also connect with them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For those of you attending Brit Mums I will see you on Friday!


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