Tuesday 11 June 2013

A Best Friend

I can remember my school days as though they were just yesterday, a time where I had all the time in the world to make memories with friends and quite simply rejoice in the complete lack of responsibility.

In reality it is already been 8 years since I bid farewell to that time in my life. So many things have happened and changed since the school bell rang for the very last time, and responsibility has certainly caught up with me now!

My school life was fun and looking back I quite simply wouldn’t change a thing, I could often be found giggling with my oldest friend. Trouble quite simply used to follow us around, and we certainly used to act before we thought things through… I guess to some extent that is still true today.

It has been 14 whole years since I first met my mischievous best friend, and in that time frame we have certainly had our fair share of ups and downs. For every wrong we have made we always make things right, we have said things in the heat of the moment but kissed and made up regardless of any choice words we said. We have cried happy tears and shared nights where we have done nothing but laugh, and she was even the person to support me when I first found out I was pregnant.

We have been through absolutely everything together, we have grown up together and experienced many of life's lessons. But sometimes things happen in life that you don't expect. Sometimes you can be nothing more than a shoulder to rest upon.

In December 2011 Chelsea got dealt some life changing news, my best friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For once even I was lost for words, and I didn't really know what she was telling me. I didn't actually really know what Multiple Sclerosis was until that day. I guess to a certain degree I still don’t understand exactly what it is, but I do know that from deep inside her MS is rivaling and making himself apparent to her in ways far less than desirable.

I have watched Chelsea fight this, and fight hard she does.

Chelsea is head strong and knows exactly what she wants, she always has done. MS certainly was not in her life plan, but as you walk through life you realise just how cruel it can actually be. You realise that even those people closest to you can get dealt a life changing set of cards and age has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Chelsea is 24 years old and dealing with this horrible disease at the same time as juggling her two beautiful children and loving husband. Multiple Sclerosis has no place or right to be taking away all of her energy and throwing multiple relapses in her path. Relapses mean being pumped to the nines on steroids, steroids that make you feel awful and then give a much needed buzz! But no amount of steroids can undo the damage that this silent disease has already done.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and take all of the pain away but I can't. Nor can I relate to how she is feeling...But I do try to comprehend what she is going through on a day to day basis. I wish I could go back in time to when she first started mentioning her eye sight problems and push her to book into the Opticians sooner...

It breaks my heart to think of everything that she is going through, sometimes I don’t know what to say because I cannot even comprehend how she is feeling. The only case of extreme tiredness I have ever experienced was in early pregnancy with Leo, and was gone within a few months. I cannot imagine my eye sight being permanently damaged and not knowing what MS will do next. But somehow she still lives her life to the full, and all the while is raising awareness of this horrible disease.

Throughout everything she is going through one thing is for sure, she is still the same girl that I met all those years ago, still as vibrant and fun loving as she always was, she really doesn't let this disease define her. She still strives to do everything she can, plays with her kids all the while creating an amazing childhood for them to reflect on when they are big and grown.

Even though Chelsea has been dealt this set of cards and her life has changed beyond recognition she is still here telling it exactly as it is. You can read her story over on her blog MS Mummy of Two, where she enlightens us into exactly what life is like, living with Multiple Sclerosis.


  1. What a beautiful post! I love the photos! I didn't realise you two went to school together. I always assumed you met through blogging. What a lovely story, you are lucky to have each other. Xxx

  2. Aww such a lovely post!!
    I always thought everyone who blogs met through blogging...lol

  3. Thank you so much for this, reminded me of everything we have done, good and bad. Thank you for always being there xxxx


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