Wednesday 5 June 2013

Two Under Two

In the last 23 months I have spent my time parenting one child.
Having the one to one ratio is idyllic to me, and it is worked exceptionably well.

One pair of hands for one fidgety little boy,
until today anyway...

Today I had two children under the age of two. 
I didn't know who to deal with first, and it was a complete learning curve for me.

Leo expressed jealously when I dealt with my 7 month of nephew, he is so used to having me all to himself that it was a complete shock to him. When I was giving my nephew a cuddle and feeding him his bottle, that's the exact time he wanted me too. He came over with his arms out stretched asking for his 'Mumma'.

When it came to lunch time Leo didn't want his cousin to sit in his booster chair, and he chose this moment to start acting up as though he knew I couldn't leave the baby un-attended. I actually felt quite sorry for Leo even through his temper tantrum, because he just didn't understand.

Somehow though I managed to achieve two sleeping babies at exactly the same time. 

Somehow I managed to get them both exactly what they wanted and still stay in one piece, and it is safe to say that I will be sleeping well tonight!

It has been 16 whole months since I had a 7 month old of my own, and in that time Leo has left his baby days far behind him. Today has opened my eyes to the fact that I have forgotten what it is like to have a baby. A baby that needs you to feed him and do absolutely everything for him.

At one point I actually asked the 7 month old whether he wanted his milk, and I half expected him to answer with a yes or a no.

It has completely opened my eyes to how much Leo has grown up, and demonstrated what hard work it can be with multiples. And it is safe to say that you won't be seeing a pregnancy announcement around these parts any time soon!


  1. This post is like my life, two are so so hard! x

  2. I have a bit more of an age gap so I am coping just about, but I can't imagine how mummy's with a small age gap too! Brave ladies! x

  3. Two under two is pretty crazy but it is amazing how fast you get used to it actually! x


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