Sunday 30 June 2013

Mike the Knight at Warwick Castle

This weekend was Leo's birthday weekend, and it has been an incredibly busy weekend as far as weekends go!

We have spent time eating Timmy Sheep Birthday Cake, playing in Leo's new playhouse and even attended a very exciting day out at Warwick Castle where Leo met Mike the Knight!

We were invited along to help celebrate the new series of the very popular children's show, and what better destination than the UK's ultimate castle!?

Warwick Castle has welcomed Mike the Knight over 2 very action packed weekends, 29th - 30th June and the 6th - 7th of July, so if you haven't already been along and experience all the magic...There is still time to book!

I had told Leo all about our exciting plans for the weekend, and he nodded and 'arh'd' in all of the right places, but truth be told I don't think he knew exactly what I was going on about. In our typical family style we were the ones rocking up late, despite my greatest efforts to make sure that Daddy was out of bed in time... He is always the one we are waiting for! 

We did finally get there with our little Superman in tow, and we were obviously feeling incredibly brave as we decided to leave the pushchair at home. Leo was on his very best behavior....To start with. As soon as he found his comfort zone of the sandpit I waved goodbye to the perfect toddler who was happy to hold my hand and welcomed the toddler who would rather run away from me.

Leo ran around, pointed out exciting items and even almost jumped the rope to Mike the Knight in order to bypass the very long line of people eagerly waiting for their turn to meet him! Sorry if my little Superman ran through your position in the line or accidentally jumped on your toes...

As soon as you walk through the turnstiles and into the castle's grounds you are met with an exciting array of different Mike the Knight activities. You can meet the man himself or even take part in a little castle building of your own, casting a few spells in Evie's workshop or trying your hand at a little bit of archery! 

You must check out the incredible sand castles that have been constructed in celebration of the new Mike the Knight Series. They were built to coincide with the Summer Solstice which fell on the 21st June 2013, there are 3 in all and all, Glendragon Castle, Buckingham Palace and of course... Warwick Castle.

There is something for every age and Leo had no problem finding something to do, we sent Daddy off to wait in line to meet Mike while I watched Leo build sandcastles, knock down other people's castles (Sorry if that was yours!) and just have an amazing time.

It has been many years since I last visited Warwick Castle, which in hind sight is actually shocking as it is right on my door step. It was really nice to go back and take my little guy out for a fantastic day, he looked on in awe at the castle and loved being able to freely explore. I have to admit that I was really glad that Warwick Castle thought ahead of little children who may want to explore with their hands...As there were a number of items that I thought Leo may pick up if they had not been glued down *wipes sweat from brow*.

I have to admit that Warwick Castle is not the cheapest family day out and I may have even let out a little gasp when I saw the prices, and then gasped a little more when I realised that some of the attractions inside were an extra, but with that said it really was a great day. We were free to wander around the entire castle, but with superman in tow we were un-able to partake in the dungeons (I will go back and do this!) but for me the highlight of the day was watching Leo have the time of his life.

I am sure we will be back this Summer if Warwick Castle will have us, and we will maybe even bring along the rest of the family. That way we will be able to leave Leo in the capable hands of his Grandparents while we explore the darker side of Warwick Castle.

Disclaimer: I was invited along to Warwick Castle for the exciting Mike the Knight weekend. I was provided with a very tasty lunch and a goodie bag for Leo, however all views and opinions are completely honest and my own.  


  1. I agree - it is a pricey day out BUT there are so many coupons in circulations there is rarely a time I'd need to pay full price.

    I'd recommend checking cereal boxes for vouchers and also local Raring2go magazines and the like. Perhaps pop into Warwick Tourist Info which is just outside of the castle walls as they've lots of leaflets which may well include the voucher :)

    Children 3 and under are free so you can save £££ on a day out with toddlers. If you've older kids see if they can win a Blue Peter badge as you get free entry to a heap of places inc. Warwick Castle!



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