Monday 10 June 2013

The Fisher Price iPhone Apptivity Case Review

My toddler is as savvy as they come, and at just under two years old he is no stranger to the Apple products of the world. My iPhone and my iPad often get taken off to greener pastures by the little person in my life.

Fisher Price must have seen the look of horror on my face on one of the occasions that my Apple goodies were taken away on one of Leo's jolly jaunts. They very kindly sent Leo their Apptivity Laugh & Learn iPhone Case

This case is perfect for kids who are grown before their time, it allows you to safely lock away your phone and cushion if (and when) they drop it. For those of you with younger babies who dribble, your phone is protected but not 100% and wont protect from a tsunami of dribble. Luckily Leo is past that and was perfectly happy playing with the apps that we downloaded for him.

We soon discovered after the savior case's arrival that my iPhone 5 was not going to fit inside, but luckily for me Luke has the iPhone 4S and also an older (no longer used) iPod Touch. We decided that we would let Leo use the old iPod in his new gadget so that he could keep it in there and so that we would be left with our phones.

The case fits perfectly and is locked away by means of a twist lock so that little hands can't open it again, I struggle each time so if Leo can open it without help I would be very surprised. My biggest love about this case is that it blocks the home button so that they can't click off and access something they shouldn't be. When Leo has played with my phone before this case came along he is always clicking off his apps and getting frustrated when they disappear, not to mention the people he calls up by mistake...

We recently went to Devon for a long weekend and before we went I downloaded a Timmy Time episode onto his iPod for him to watch in the car. The beautiful thing about the age Leo is at now, is that as long as he has 'Baa' he doesn't care if he is watching the same episode on a loop! So Leo contently watched his Timmy Time while we drove along on our merry way. He didn't turn it off by knocking the home button as it was safely tucked up in his Apptivity Case!

The Apptivity Laugh & Learn iPhone Case is suitable from the age of 6 months right up until 36 months and is perfect for little ones who are starting to get interested in Mummy's and Daddy's technology. It retails at £12.99 and comes with free learning apps so that you can have a variety of educational apps available from the word go. 

I think the Laugh and Learn case is super and it has truly proven it's worth to me, We will be making use of it when we travel to Cyprus in August...How else am I supposed to keep a 2 year old still for 3.5 hours!?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Apptivity Laugh & Learn iPhone Case for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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