Wednesday 5 June 2013

Bringing Tigger Home

Leo is one excitable little man.
When something new is going on, he is right there trying to get into the thick of it.
Trying to get that little bit closer to the action.

So when we brought our new kitten home yesterday, Leo was beyond excited.
From the moment we pulled up to collect him, Leo knew where he was.
He knew that we were going to see the 'cat'.
He kept on saying it all the while he was grinning from ear to ear.

The smile only grew bigger when we persuaded Tigger into his carrier,
and it got bigger still when he saw him rivaling to get back out again.
Leo thought the other kittens were funny as they rallied 
around the carrier trying to get to their brother,
I just felt awful seeing them all so distressed that he was leaving.

Leo was amazed that Tigger was in the car, and demonstrated this by shouting 'Cat' until we arrived home an hour later...
Leo and I placed the pet carrier on the floor and opened it up, allowing Tigger to explore his brand new home.

He walked around taking everything in, all the while Leo looked on beaming his million dollar smile. 
Leo followed Tigger as he explored, and helped me prepare some food for him to try.
We had been in the house less than 5 minutes when Tigger darted behind the washing machine and under the kitchen cupboards. 

I realised pretty quickly that I couldn't move the washing machine...and had to call in re-enforcement to help me retrieve him.

It soon became apparent that Tigger was the perfect escape artist, and that he had a firm dislike of  specific cat food. He simply won't eat Chicken or Lamb pouches, but the fish based ones are devoured in minutes!

Tigger was shy but willing to come for a fuss, and become even more affectionate once my very excited, very tired, almost 2 year old was in bed.

Once bedtime came around for me I was at a loss what to do... Did I take my 13 week old kitten up to bed with me? Or leave him downstairs on his own?

In the end I left him in the lounge where he had access to his litter tray and food. 

This morning I was awoken by Leo who couldn't wait to come back downstairs to see his new kitten.
Tigger had spent the entire night hiding behind the sofa, but soon came out when presented with his breakfast.

As the day has gone on he has become more confident.
Leo has been able to play with him and enjoy his kitty cat, and is not so over excited around him (which I am sure Tigger is very grateful for!)

Surprisingly Tigger has had no accidents what so ever, he has been a little superstar in using his litter tray. He has been playful and enjoyed many a nap and been really patient with my little Leo who is just completely over the moon in having him around the house.

How is this for a kitten who is settling in nicely to his new home?

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