Thursday 27 June 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Leo!

Dear beautiful boy,

Can you believe it?

Today at 12:56pm you are two whole years old.

I will always remember the perfect day you graced us with your arrival.

The day we met, finally after 9 months we came face to face, I couldn’t stop staring at you, I didn’t want to put you down or miss a single moment of your existence.

Holding you for the first time just took my breath away.

I just wanted to take in your beautiful little face, your glass eyes and your cupid lips. I could have stared at you forever.

You were perfect to me.
You are perfect to me.
And you always will be perfect to me.

You came into our lives and completely stole our hearts, and just like that it was as though you had always been here.

Our first night together was in the hospital, I couldn’t sleep for all of the excitement of the day and I just held you close, breathing you in, not wanting to sleep in case you needed me, scared that I wouldn’t hear you.

You slept soundly right next to me only waking for feeds or when your startle reflex took hold, we soon realised that you were happiest when wrapped up in your swaddle so that those little hands couldn’t startle you awake.

It all only seems like yesterday….

I don’t know how and when it happened, but in this last year we have left your baby days far behind us. We sailed off together on a new adventure to explore pastures new on your once wobbly, 4H sized toddler feet.

A week after your very first birthday, on your expected due date you just got up and started to walk. Like somehow over night you decided that was the next step, and you were ready to take it. Once you started you just didn’t stop and soon you were running everywhere and trying to play football.

The change in you that has been brought around by growing another year older is so apparent. You have so many words that you like to use, and you know exactly what you want, or…at least you think you know.

I still remember you as that little baby, when you needed me in so many ways that your two year old self doesn’t need me now. You have become so independent in so many ways, and you astound me every single day.

Leo I want you to believe in everything you want to believe in, follow your heart and keep on dreaming. Everything you do, everything you want to do and everything that you dream of doing will be supported by me until the very end of time.

I want you to grow up seeing all the magic that this big wide world has to show you. I see your face light up when you see the wonders around you and I want that simplicity to stay with you for always.

I want you to know that Santa Clause exists and he weaves his magic throughout the entire world on one single night. I want you to know that Jack Frost is responsible for the glittery dusting that appears on a cold winters day. Remember that mermaids do swim the seas and Faeries fly the skies before laying down to rest their tired wings in the hollows of trees. Keep your eyes peeled for toadstool rings and look very closely as you may, if you look very closely spy a secret fairy dance.

You should know that Mummy’s kiss will make any awchies better and a cuddle will dry those tears. You should know that a Mummy’s love is a magic potion to keep you your cheeky happy self.

I have been looking back at photos, photos that I can remember taking as though it was just yesterday. I study them and see those same blue eyes and then see how much you have changed and grown. I can see how wise you have come to the ways of the world and feel honoured to have watched you grow from a baby into my beautiful blue eyed boy.

So my beautiful boy, Two years have come and gone and today is your big day.

You are two years old and have the world at your feet, with so many future memories to make, more magic to discover and of course trouble to cause. Now is the time for you to wake up and see what presents have been delivered during your slumber for your second birthday.

The birthday cake is ready to be lit and Happy Birthday is to be sung. So wake up baby boy, come downstairs and see what we have planned for you today!

Happy birthday baby boy, you may be a big boy now, but you are and always will be my blue eyed baby boy.

Happy 2nd Birthday little one.


  1. Happy birthday little Leo x

  2. Ahhh, happy birthday Leo. I remember thinking that the first year was amazing and that my little man changed so much, but they really do grow up so much in their second year.
    I hope you all have a lovely day with your birthday boy. x

  3. Wow that little video is adorable. He is such a cutie and he was definitely rocking his superhero cape today! :)


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