Tuesday 18 June 2013

Introducing the Jakayaan Balance Bike

I don't usually post about review items until we have given them a proper playing with, but I really couldn't wait to start telling you all about Lloyds Worcester and their fabulous Jakayaan Balance Bike!

Lloyds Worcester is a company based locally to me and run by Max. Max has designed and manufactured the balance bike so that children as young as 2 years old can learn to ride it! The bike frame is made out of solid Birch plywood and is solid but light for little ones to maneuver it. The seat can be adjusted over four settings according to your child's height and age, meaning that it can grow with them over time.

Leo has been incredibly lucky and has been sent the Jakayaan Balance Bike to review, I am writing this after he spent an entire hour this evening going up and down the drive on his shiny new wheels. His little face was an absolute picture when I brought it into the house to show him, he instantly got down off the sofa and came to sit on it. 

Max very kindly dropped the bike off personally at Granny's house today while I was at work, he had even taken the time to put the bike together so that Leo could hop straight on this evening! 

My first impressions of this bike is that it is AMAZING! 

The Jakayaan has foam handles for those moments when it takes a bump, Leo has demonstrated exactly why they are there this evening after a few little wobbles. Each time he has tumbled he has shouted 'crash' and 'ught oh' but has picked himself straight back up and got back on the bike again. It has 2 air wheels that handled the bumps in our drive like a dream and even comes with a Blue and Pink seat cover with the branded logo on. 

Leo did not get off that bike once (apart from when he tumbled of course) and had the most amazing time toddling up and down Granny's drive. He took to it straight away and even got a little bit faster towards the end. After just over an hour I struggled to get him to get in the car and come home with me for dinner! 

What Leo has really loved tonight it being able to play with his Aunt (12 years old) and go up and down the drive with her as she scoots on her scooter. He looked ever so proud of himself as he followed her around, and I think this is the start of many more playtime's like this one!

I have left the balance bike at Granny's tonight at Leo will be back there tomorrow while I am at work, and I get the distinct feeling that he will be wanting to play with it tomorrow! I hope Granny is ready to walk along side him all day as he rides his big boy bike.

This bike is recommended from 2 years on wards and Leo is not quite 2 yet (1 week and counting) and he is really getting the hang of it.

You can find Lloyds Worcester on their website and these super duper bikes retail at a very reasonable £52.99, and if you are in the United Kingdom you will also benefit from FREE delivery!

Make sure you pop by and say hello to Max on Twitter and give them a like on Facebook to keep up to date with all of their latest news.

I will be writing up a full review very soon (keep a look out for it!), but I just wanted to share this amazing bike with you. For now though I will let Leo do the talking....

Excuse Leo's nakedness... Granny thought it was a good idea to let him have an ice-cream before I came home...I assure you he was dressed when I handed him over this morning!

Disclaimer: I have been sent the Lloyds Worcester Jakayaan Balance Bike for review purposes, but this is my honest first impression. Full review coming soon.

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