Tuesday 18 February 2014

Goodbye Bottle!

Up until last month you were guzzling milk just like you always did. Anywhere that we went we had a bottle and of course blankie in tow. After your 2 and a half year check we made the conscious effort to remove your blanket and your bottle from day to day life. We tried to make you understand how you could still have them, but they would be reserved primarily for nap times and bedtimes.

You surprised us all and accepted this as though it had always been that way. You may have slinked off to bed for a cheeky bottle and cuddle with your blanket, but you knew that your bed and two favourite items went hand in hand.

You have been growing up so quickly of late, it seems that each week see's you outgrowing another part of life as you have always known it. We moved you into your new bed along with your new mattress, and I was very aware how you would spill your milk all over the bed when you closed your eyes for the night. We moved your toy box next to the bed and told you to put your milk on the box when you were finished. For a few nights that's exactly what you did, but then we reverted to old ways, and I had to come in and make sure your bottle wasn't leaking.

Last night when I came in to check you had spilled milk all over the bed, so we had to transfer you into my bed while we got your bed changed and ready for you to come back into. As soon as your head hit your pillow again the pleading for milk began. I told you that there was absolutely no more milk tonight as you weren't following the rules. Your cries for milk then changed for juice... I pondered this for a moment and saw a chance. I thought maybe if you had a beaker with some squash we may have a fighting chance at getting rid of your bottle!

I went downstairs and got your beaker, all the while thinking that you were going to change your mind and want your bottle back as soon as I got back to your bedside. Only you didn't. You took the beaker and you drank it, you even went back to sleep. You woke up today and were again content with your juice bottle. Nap time came and you were still more than happy with your beaker of juice.

Not once all day did you even mention your bottle, and I wondered whether we were onto something. 

The real test would be bedtime, a time where you always have blanket and bottle.. Together. Your two comforts together at the time you are snuggling down to sleep.

So tonight I took you upstairs just like I always do, I tucked you into your racing car bed and handed you your banket. Only tonight instead of handing you your bottle of bedtime milk, I handed you your beaker of juice. I half expected outrage that you were missing your milk bottle, but you took the juice and you kissed me goodnight. Just like you always do.

You lay down your head and off to sleep you went.
As good as gold. 
Growing up that little bit more right before my eyes.

You awoke an hour later asking for your 'juice' and I told you that it was with you. You picked it up and went back to sleep again.

Completely just taking the latest change in your stride. 

On the 18th February 2014 we waved a fond farewell to your bottle. A bottle I have had to replace countless teats for over the years and keep topped up with milk ready for you to guzzle down. But now it seems that you have taken another step into growing up, and the bottle has been cast aside.


  1. I find it so sad when they leave another 'baby' thing behind but these boys just keep growing up!

    1. It gets to the point where there is not much to leave behind! What happened to our babies!? x


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