Monday 17 February 2014

Kick Your Habits in 2014

We are already in our second month of 2014, and I am sure that time just keeps on running away with itself. With Christmas packed away into all of the many bags and boxes that it seems to fill, we are rolling head on into the New Year.

January is always a dull month, I find that it falls into the dark shadows that December leaves behind in the wake of the bright twinkly lights and magic that fills the air. January is a time that you realise just how generous you have been with your money and vow to save every penny, especially if you have fallen down into your over draft over the festive period. January is a time for keeping those resolutions that you pledged to yourself at the end of the year, and saving pennies in a pot to make every penny count.

Ultimately we are all prone to guilty pleasures, indulgences that if we went without could save us £££ if we were to really put our minds to it. It may be smoking or enjoying a bottle of wine, maybe too many takeaways *hides all of the fast food menus around the house*, or frequenting on one to many shopping trips… It could be absolutely anything. We are all guilty of it to some extent.

Have you ever wondered just how much money you could save if you were too kick these habits?

Leeds Building Society has launched an interactive guide that is designed to help you ‘Kick Your Habits’ throughout 2014. The purpose of the new Kick Your Habits guide is to show you how much you could save if you were to hold your wallet tightly, stand strong and throw those habits to the curb, maybe then even reversing the car back and forward over them? 

I actually took the time to go through the interactive guide, it's no secret that I indulge in takeaways more often than not on a weekly basis. I even treat myself to a lazy lunch a couple of times a week because time seems to run away with me and I never find the time to make lunch to take with me.

So here is how much I could potentially save if I was to personally 'Kick My Habits'.

How much could you save?

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