Monday 10 February 2014

Pet Insurance For Your Family Pet

Having grown up with family pets from a young age, I know first-hand how they just become one of the family. Of course pet health is something that we have always taken really seriously, when one of your own are under the weather for any reason, you do all that you can to ensure that they make a speedy recovery.

We brought Tigger into our family fold last year, and through his mischievous ways and his cheeky disposition he quickly got his paws under the table. Leo was infatuated and loved playing with his playful kitty, dangling toys and running around the house with a growing Tigger close at his heels. It was so lovely watching that bond develop between Leo and his new friend, and although I always kept an eye on them when they played for the most part they were really good together.

Tigger is a Bengal Cat with beautiful markings, and just to look at him you would think he was a wild cat in very close relation to a leopard. In reality he is, 5 generations ago a short haired moggy was mated with an Asian leopard Cat… Thus resulting in the Bengal breed you see today. Bengals are renowned for their mischievous ways and larger than life personalities, and Tigger certainly boasts all of those qualities! There have been times where having Leo and Tigger together has been the equivalent to having two children. Just like a child Tigger wants attention and a fuss, I was surprised as I was always under the impression that Bengal’s are not lap cats, but when Tigger is in the right mood he is the biggest lap cat of them all!

In terms of Tigger’s health we very quickly got him insured with some pet insurance for cats so that we were covered from any un-expected vet costs if something were to happen. I had never had a pedigree cat before and I wanted to make sure that we had every base covered. Taking out the insurance meant that we didn’t have to worry as everything in terms of the cost would be sorted with the means of an excess payment. I know that when our old cat Tabby passed away a few years ago I was absolutely distraught, we weren’t expecting it and we certainly didn’t expect such a hefty vet bill!

Tabby was my parent’s family cat and she was actually borderline feral when we first brought her home all of those years ago. Pet insurance was something that they didn’t look into, so when the time came that it was have proven valuable they simply had to bite the bullet and hand over their credit card. I think at a time like that where the outcome isn’t a happy one and you are parting with a rather pretty penny, it can make the whole scenario that even more devastating.

For us as a family I couldn’t imagine not taking out pet insurance, or a safety net to catch us in a time where we need that extra security.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Argos Pet Insurance. I am happy to link to Argos Pet Insurance due to outstanding customer service in the past. However, as with all aspects of owning a pet, you must carefully consider the best policy for your needs to avoid any nasty surprises should you need to make a claim

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