Tuesday 18 February 2014

Is a Cat a Suitable Pet for a Young Family?

Cats have always been a hugely popular choice of pet for people of all ages; they’re loving, affectionate, interesting and relatively low maintenance in comparison to many other pets.
Therefore if you’re thinking of getting a pet for your family that includes young children, you may have considered a cat. However, there are of course many important things to think about, and you may have some concerns regarding how the two will get on together, and whether a cat would pose harm to your young child.
Things to think about beforehand
Breed: many people often don’t realise that cats can vary enormously depending on their breed, just like dogs. Therefore it’s well worth doing some research into suitable cat breeds for your family, as some are known for being much better with children than others.
Age: the age of cat you go for can also have a huge impact on their personality and the level of maintenance they require. Whilst it may be extremely tempting to go for an adorable kitten, you may be better off opting for an older cat as kittens will require thing like toilet training and spaying and neutering. Consider how you’d feel about having two newborns in the home!
There are also a large number of perks of having a cat, especially for your young children in their early life stages.

Advantages of having a cat
Reduced allergy risk: by having a cat in your household, you can greatly reduce the risk of your child forming allergies against animals and other common sources, as it aids their immune system. Studies have shown that 30% of people who got a cat later in life were allergic to them.
Companionship without maintenance: of course, no pet is maintenance free, but cats are arguably one of the options that require the least. For instance, they don’t need to go outside or for walks to go to the toilet, they clean themselves very well, and they are usually independent and are therefore happy to do as they please. They can be a great way to introduce your children to companionship and responsibility as they grow.
If you do have your heart set on a cat, you’re certainly not alone as an estimated 19% of households in the UK include a cat. Therefore we’ve also added some tips and things to remember regarding living with a cat and a young child.
Cats live for an average of 16 years so therefore are great if you want a pet to grow with your child/family
Take your cat for regular vet trips to keep them healthy and to avoid the risk of them spreading any bacteria to your children
-  Invest in good cat food and other products for them rather than just buying the cheapest option. You can keep prices down by looking into pet products online, too

 -  Cats don’t always enjoy round the clock attention and will need their own time and space, which is important to explain to children

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