Friday 28 February 2014

More Than a Room

We have been in our house over a year now and in some respects we still have so much to do in order to make this house our home. It will never be ours, not really. But there are things we can do, adjustments that we can make to make us feel like it is. 

We have spent time recently trying to make Leo's room his own. I still detest the wall paper that is in there but short of pulling it all down and re-decorating (and of course getting permission from the landlord...) we are limited to what we can do. We purchased Leo a new bed, a racing car bed, so I am thinking about getting him some new wall stickers and motifs just to tailor his room more to his age and taste. 

As for our room it is not too bad. Ideally I would like a different colour scheme in there but sky blue walls make it a airy and light room. We have just invested in a new desk and moved the television from it's original stand onto the desk, this means that Luke can finally install his computer and make use of the television as a monitor. This actually gives us more workable space within the room and I may even take up residence there when it comes to getting blog work completed. 

We installed a new king size bed in our room last year and it has been my full intention to treat us to some new bedding. This is something that has been pushed to the very bottom of my to do list and as of yet I haven't purchased any, I think this would make a huge difference to our room and would add a touch of colour over the very dull Grey that is currently on the bed. My attention has recently been drawn to the affordable bed in a bag from TJ Hughes that has everything you need for a complete bedding solution. 

Each bed in a bag set has everything included that you will need to complete the look you are trying to achieve. Included within the set you will receive a duvet cover, pillow cases and in some sets even a bed runner.

Now we have Christmas behind us and we have already prepared for Leo's Birthday in June, we have some extra pennies in our pockets where we can actually look into purchasing new bedding, lighting or storage. There is so much I would love to do, especially with Spring just around the corner, I would really like to get out into the garden and plant some bulbs ready for them to flower over the next few months.

Are you planning any home improvements in the coming weeks? I would love to hear what your plans are and what you will be doing.

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