Tuesday 11 February 2014

Hive Active Heating

You may have recently heard about the new Hive system? I have definitely caught the adverts that have been aired on the television… Hive were set up by British Gas back in 2012 and for those of you who don’t know what Hive actually is, I will fill you in.

Hive is a state of the art technology that you can now bring into your own home. It is going to help us sync our homes with our day to day lives, have you ever left the house for the day and realised that you have actually left the heating on full blast? Well with Hive you will simply be able to log into your Hive account via the app, and turn it off. Absolutely everything these days seems to run through an app on our smartphones but I bet you never thought that you would be able to turn your heating on and off, and even turn your hot water on!?

Hive have turned their state of the art technology into an easy to use system for the likes of you and I to be able to manage our home remotely…. From a smartphone, laptop or tablet!

Ultimately Hive Active Heating helps you save energy and £££ on your heating bills. It puts you in control of your home even when you may not be there. Hive offer guidance and advice to help you get the most out of the Hive system, and with this you can begin to save money on your outgoing bills.

I know that there have been times during those long winter months where I have been sat behind my desk at work, and suddenly I remember that I haven’t set the heating to come on in time for when I get home that evening. Of course this means that I have to sit in my coat for an hour while the house starts to warm up, or even get changed straight into my onesie! With Hive I could simply log online and turn my heating on so that the house is cosy ready for my arrival.

Hive is something really different to anything I have seen before, it is pulling together a number of technologies in order to actually make managing your home remotely even a possibility. Hive claim that they can save the average family up to a £150 a year, and when the option of saving that amount of money is laid out like that… It makes the whole concept even more attractive.

Hive offer a professional installation service by one of their trained engineers, they come out and get everything set up so you don’t have to worry about it. They will even show you how to use your new system so that you don’t have to guess what you are doing. The installation and demonstration only takes around an hour and it will even run off your existing heating system, you don’t need to be with British Gas to benefit from Hive. 

Hive costs £199.99 including the installation, and taking into account what the average family will save each year. Within a year the initial cost will have almost been returned in what you have saved on bills.

Technology really has come on such a long way, and I am really impressed with Hive and what they have to offer.

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