Tuesday 11 February 2014

Leo's Little Tikes Roadster Bed

Leo hasbeen out of his cot for a month now, and he has taken to having no sides like an absolute super star. I admittedly had worries when the time presented itself to make this change, as to me it seems like such a big step. It definitely highlights just how much he has grown up, and in a sense it gives him more freedom than ever before. We haven’t put a stair gate on Leo’s room as we didn't want to give him the impression that he has been ‘locked in’ if he really needed us in the night. 9 times out of 10 though if Leo does need us he just shouts for us and he knows that we will come running. He knows that I can hear everything that he says and see absolutely everything that he does even when I am not actually in the room. It is those magical powers that I possess as his Mummy… Or the baby monitor that I seem to keep closer than ever these days!

The only times I have ever known Leo to actually get out of his bed when he is supposed to be sleeping is during naptime, when admittedly he can be more persistent about not going for a sleep. He will look directly at the baby monitor and slowly slide the duvet off himself. One foot touches the floor followed in turn by his second foot. He stands up and gives the baby monitor another long hard stare, he is waiting for me to tell him to get back into bed. He knows that I know he is out of bed and he is waiting for the voice that tells him to get back into bed and close his eyes. As soon as he hears me telling him, he is back in bed as fast as his little legs can carry him.

As Leo spends 3 days a week at Granny’s while I am at work, and occasionally spends the night we have had to consider his sleeping arrangements there. We have always kept our Cosatto Travel Cot in his room there and up until he started to climb out, it hadn’t been an issue. We decided to move Leo’s cot bed up to his room at Granny’s so he could have a proper bed for when he stayed there, and we then ordered Leo the Little Tikes Roadster Bed for his room at home.

Leo had seen the photos of his new bed and was really excited when it finally arrived at the house. Of course it quickly became Daddy’s job to put it all together for him in time for bedtime that evening. Leo was holding his arms out in front and pretending to grab the imaginary steering wheel. He made me get into bed and told me to go to ‘sleep’ while he pushed my head to meet with the pillow. The bed was an astounding hit, and I could see exactly how pleased Leo was with it.

From a parent’s perspective I think it is a lovely bed, but I do think it is a little pricey for the overall build and quality. It is constructed entirely from plastic which granted is solid, and the middle is MDF slats to hold the mattress. Retailing at around the £274.99 mark I would like to see a little more quality in the overall finishing, but this does not affect the use or over all finish one bit. All the pictures that I saw before purchasing this bed, showed the wheels had a white plastic rim inside, but actually on the bed that I have received this is a sticker instead…These are just a few gripes I wanted to raise in terms of the pretty penny price tag that meets buyers before they buy. Over all I really like the bed and can see how much enjoyment that Leo is getting out of it, and he doesn’t share any of the quibbles with it that I have raised.

Now Leo is in a bed and the cot is no more, I can't help seeing Leo in a new light. He really isn't a baby any more, and he is continuing to grow at an incredible rate. Learning new things and amazing us all of the time. I should have known really that he would just take this transition in his stride, just like he does everything else.

Disclaimer: We bought the Little Tikes Roadster Bed and just wanted to show how much Leo loves it, and share our personal views.


  1. That bed is so cool! I would definitely not get out of bed if mine looked like that!


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