Friday 14 February 2014

It's all about the bride and groom...

Your wedding day should be memorable for all the right reasons, but all too often the focus is removed from the commitment the bride and groom make to one another in place of a glitzy venue and all manner of distractions, from show-stopping crystal-encrusted gowns to novel portable photo booths.
If you want to go back to basics and make sure your big day is all about you and your spouse-to-be, take a look at the following tips for inspiration.
A simple venue
To keep the focus of the big day on the bridge and groom, look for a simple venue that won't detract from the real meaning of the event. Somewhere with understated charm will help maintain attention on the proceedings, so take a look at simple venues like barns, which boast rustic appeal but are essentially blank enough canvases for you to add your own personal stamp in the way of decor.
You can browse a wide range of barn venues at Country House Wedding Venues, where you'll find traditionally-restored 18th century vaulted barns and stylish and contemporary options, many of which have won awards.
Common themes
When planning your wedding, come up with some themes you'd like to incorporate into proceedings; perhaps there's a specific place you and your partner think of fondly, or maybe you both have favourite colours you'd like to work into the celebrations. You could get married in your favourite location, or nod to it by making a map of the area and putting it up as a seating plan for your guests, for example. Try to work your themes around joint interests or likes that you and your partner bond over.
Personal favours
Instead of handing out sugared almonds to your wedding guests, choose favours that will reflect your personality or something you, as a couple, share. If you're a pair of bookworms, think about making bookmarks and giving one to each guest, while wine lovers could gift their guests a bottle stopper each.
If you enjoy travelling together, you might give your wedding guests luggage tags, while keen tea or coffee drinkers might want to give each person in attendance an engraved coffee spoon or a tea bag infuser.
Precious Pets
For many people, their pets are members of their family, so why not include beloved furry friends in your big day proceedings? You could invest in a special smart suit for your four-legged friend, or make some decorative items like a spangly bow tie for or a floral-detailed dress. You could even take things a step further and let your cherished pet bear the rings and bring them to the bride and groom as part of the ceremony!
Your own words

The commitment you make to one another on your wedding day will potentially be the most important words you say to anyone, ever, so consider making them your own. While sticking with traditional vows might have meaning for some couples, others might feel happier to express themselves using their own words and references. Your partner may have a favourite poem or lyric you might want to recite for them to make the ceremony extra-special, or you may have a way with words that you want to use to make sure your loved one knows just how special they are to you.

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