Friday 28 March 2014

33 Months Old

With yet another month under your belt, you are now 33 months old, and the reality of that means that your days as a 2 year old are well and truly numbered. In 3 months’ time you will be turning 3, and we will enter a new year that will bring around so many more changes.

In this month alone your words have been coming along all the time. You are still learning but what you are saying is more coherent and a vast improvement to only a few months ago. A simple shopping trip to Tesco together had you giving me my instructions to head down the toy aisle, only for you to find Toby off Thomas the Tank Engine. Toby was right at the back of the shelf so how you saw him I will never know, but you did. You told me ‘Toby choo’ and didn’t rest until I had pulled him out from the very depths of the shelf. You then decided to tell me ‘I want Toby, Pay yes!’ and clutched onto him for dear life. You seem to think that if you get what you want into the trolley, then it is fair game and we will be handing over the pennies. Going further around Tesco you pointed out and named all the different kinds of fruit and veg, then you spied something you really wanted. You saw the Mini Eggs! After this sight all I heard was ‘I want Mini Eggs please!’.

It is becoming so apparent that you really are your own little person now, with your own likes and your own dis-likes. You adore cake and ice-cream and detest carrots and Sunday dinner. You love heading upstairs and getting snuggled up in your bed for me to read you a bedtime story and you don’t like when I leave the door to your bedroom open when I leave. You can tell me what you want for dinner and what you really do not want at all, and you are cheeky enough to bring your un-touched dinner plate back into the kitchen, put it on the side and declare…’I finish! Ice cream please!’

You are still a Mummy’s boy through and through and were calling me ‘Mummy’ over ‘Mumma’ more and more frequently. Just hearing the way you pronounced ‘Mummy’ was one of the cutest things I had ever heard and I always smile when you say it. You are so affectionate, always giving me kisses and saying ‘love you Mummy’, and you even argue with me over who loves who more. Just the other night I told you I loved you, you said you loved me too. I told you I loved you more, and you told me that you love me more! It was a conversation that ended in giggles and tickles!

You are going through a phase of taking all of your favourite toys and books to bed with you, I have to sneak into your room after you have fallen asleep and remove the majority of everything that you have safely tucked up into bed with you. Woody seems to be there every night along with a car or two, Iggle Piggle, Macca Pacca and Upsy Daisy are regulars and on occasion there is even a train.

It was this month that we put you in for an extra session at nursery, you seemed to have lost your excitement about going over the last couple of weeks and we wanted to help you settle in properly. Now you were going to nursery on a Monday morning and a Friday afternoon, for the Friday session it meant that I could personally take you and pick you up which was an aspect that I liked. I wanted to know what you were getting up to at school and whether you were making friends, as you were always telling me that you had no friends at school when I asked. The first Friday session saw you clinging to me before I dropped you off, your little lip was quivering and you kept saying ‘no school’. At the gates you told me ‘ear hurts’ trying to pull the wool down over my eyes, and you clung to me even tighter when it came to me leaving. But upon picking you up the nursery staff told me how well you had played, and that you had been absolutely fine. You have taken to taking blanket to nursery but they have been putting it up out of the way not long after you arrive, and you carry on playing. The nursery staff seem to know you so well already as they know that your favourite toys are the trains.

We are still no closer on the potty training front, I keep asking you if you would like to have a go at going on the potty. I tell you that if you decide to use it you may hear the music that plays. I have even told you that if you started using the potty then we may be able to get a very special treat for being such a big boy.. But so far you have decided you don’t want to, and I won’t push you to go as you obviously aren’t ready quite yet. That is one thing that has always been consistent with you little man, and you will only do something when you are really ready for it, but when you are ready you go at the latest challenge full pout. So I am not worried, you will use the potty when you are good and ready, and you will let me know when that time has arrived.

For now though… We are heading into month 34! I wonder what this month will have in store?

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