Monday 24 March 2014

The Most Magic Kind of Love

Time fly's by so quickly, that is one thing that has become very apparent since becoming a parent. The days may be long on occasion for one reason or another, but the weeks come around oh so quickly. The weeks turn into months and the months turn into years, and before you know it you are looking back through the memories that you have made, thinking how it was only yesterday that you made them. 

When the sun rolls down and the moon rises up, it is this time I think about all that has been and all that there will be. As I climb into Leo's little car bed and read him a bedtime story, we laugh and snuggle together. It becomes apparent just how much he has grown, how he has become a little person with hopes and dreams of his own. 

Once upon a time I bestowed all of my love and affection on a baby boy, and as the years have gone by, this little boy. My little boy, has shown me the most beautiful kind of love and the most magical kind of affection. During this special time when we are curled up in his bed talking and reading stories, he will kiss me out of the blue. He will tell me he loves me and kisses me again. It doesn't matter how fast the world may be spinning us around, those moments will be remembered for a lifetime, even when he is all grown up. 

Those moments are fleeting but the ones we cherish the most, when a little person who you have raised, demonstrates his feelings and shows that he loves you. He loves you in a completely different way to the way you love him, you are both the center of the others universe but for very individual reasons. As a parent you love him because he is your baby boy, the baby you have raised and are sharing your life lessons with in order to prepare him for the world that is waiting for him. You want only the best for him and would do anything to protect him. Your love means tucking him into bed and reading him his favourite bedtime story, it means kissing him on the head and telling him how much you love him. It means tickling him until his infectious giggle is the only sound you can hear, and it means sneaking back into his room once he is quiet, just to stare as his perfect little face while he is lost among his dreams. 

He loves you because you are his Mum, the person who is there for him no matter what, you nurture him and encourage him. You help him achieve his dreams and he knows you will help him to feel better when he doesn't feel like smiling. He loves you because you love him and he only knows how to love. His innocence means that love is all that he knows, and that means that I am doing my job, and I am doing it well. 

When I climb into Leo's racing car bed and he props up the pillow, all the while scooting over to make room for me to lie down. It is my favourite time of the evening. It's a time where it is just us, and it's a time we both look forward to each and everyday. As soon as I tell Leo it is time for bed he shouts 'BOOK!' and runs upstairs. It is our time that comes around once the sun has set and the moon begins to rise, and as the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years we will still have this special time at the end of the day.

No matter how fast the world continues to spin us around.


  1. We've both written posts in the last 24 hours about time passing too fast. We must have both been tapping into the same heaven sent message that we must savour every moment of their childhoods.
    Beautiful words you have used.
    Liska xxx


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