Thursday 20 March 2014

#NetflixStreamTeam - March

You may have noticed a number of children in fancy dress on Thursday 6th March? They weren't just any fancy dress costumes, they were in celebration of World Book Day. Those costumes represented the children's favourite storybook characters and I was really impressed with the thought and imagination that went into each of the costumers that I saw. 

I used to read many books as a child, and I could often be find with my face stuck into a good story. I wouldn't put it down until I had devoured it cover to cover, as the years have gone on I have found less time to read books of my own, but I understand the importance of books and love to sit down with Leo and read to him. We tend to cuddle up for some quiet time just before he goes to bed, we crack the door open and let the light from the hallway creep in. We snuggle down under the duvet with  a book chosen by Leo and we read it together. Leo is really enjoying his story books these days and loves picking out books that he wants me to read to him. I am looking forward to introducing some older books, books that I adored as a child. The Magic Faraway Tree is on my must read list for him, and I think that in the next few years he will fall in love with the book for the same reasons I did as a child.

In honour of World Book Day Netflix thought that it would be the perfect time to get children excited about reading, they have put together 5 great tips on how to make storytime more enjoyable for little ones:  

1.) Dress up as the characters from your favourite books with your child for story time. You don’t necessarily need expensive outfits, whip out the face paints and get creative!

2.) Discuss the book after reading; did your child enjoy it? What did they learn? Would they like to read it again? Who was their favourite character and why? 
3.) Read out loud and  give spirit to the characters – make it a family affair! Whether that be mum, dad or a grandparent children will relish the opportunity to spend time with the family.
4.) A great incentive to get your child reading is to watch the TV show or film on Netflix after you have finished the book as a reward.
5.) Make story time fun with an easy to follow craft idea on how to bring your favourite book to life, below....
Books play such  an important part in child development and paving the road for just letting their imaginations take flight. I have read books in the past that have been later adapted into films, and I have been blown away with the seeing my favourite books being brought to life. I was there in the cinema for the very first Harry Potter film, and was just completely awe struck, this magical world that I had read so much about was now on the screen before my eyes. Netflix have a fantastic selection of TV Shows and film adaptions to some very much loved storybooks that the whole family can enjoy.
For the younger children you can sit down and snuggle up with some old favourites:
- Huckle Cat
- Sally and Friends in Busytown Mysteries
- Thomas and Friends
Leo has been loving Thomas and Friends, and he has even been borrowing my iPad to sit in the tent in his room, snuggled up with his blanket. 
For the older kids (and myself...) there is R.L Stein's The Haunting Hour. I absolutely loved R.L Stein in my younger years, especially the Goosebumps books! I couldn't resist sitting down and watching this when I saw it was available to stream, although Leo is a little young to appreciate this right now, there will come a day that he will be just as into it as I once was.
Other titles that I have been enjoying with Leo this month are Little Bear and Lady & The Tramp, and for myself I have been catching up on The Vampire Diaries. My love for this show is no secret and It has me watching one episode and then another.. and another.
Disclaimer: I was sent everything I needed to get started watching Netflix for the next 12 months. I have not been paid to write this post. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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