Friday 21 March 2014

Five Helpful Tips to De-stress After a Tough Day

The phone rang non-stop, emails piled up, a poor performance review made you feel disillusioned and you didn’t even have time to eat lunch. We’ve all been there. Some days it just feels as though the entire universe is colluding against you, trying to break your spirit. Escape the chaos and stress after a long day at work by following these five tips; your body and soul will thank you for it.

1. Exercise

With a weary mind, tired eyes and sagging shoulders, heading to the gym or local park can seem like a nightmare or an impossible feat. The results, however, are well worth the effort; exercising releases endorphins into the body, creating that natural high you feel when your heart is racing and you’re covered in sweat. After exercising, you will also experience a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and pride at what you have done. If lifting weights or cardio doesn’t appeal, opt for a low-impact activity such as yoga, which focuses on being centred and calm.

2. Get Organised

De-cluttering and planning are two effective stress-relievers, creating a sense of space and control. Stacks of paper, mountains of unwashed dishes and items where they shouldn’t be can all increase your stress level. Cleaning up can be a therapeutic process; as you throw out unwanted items and scrub away food particles, you are cleansing yourself of the negative thoughts that have polluted your mind throughout the day. Create space by organising your belongings effectively, using speciality storage items such as display cabinets, cube storage units and shelves; these can all be easily purchased at stores such as Super Amart Australia.

3. Social Interactions

Schedule a catch-up with a close friend, spend some quality time with your partner or keep your pet close by for the evening. Hugging, talking about your problems and laughing can all help you let go of the day’s stress. A funny movie or book will also work wonders.

4. Treat Yourself and Relax

Once all the chores are out of the way, dedicate at least an hour to relaxing and pampering yourself. This could involve lighting candles, having a steamy bath, listening to music, watching television or eating half a block of chocolate. Concentrate on rejuvenating and rewarding yourself. Music especially has been proven to alter mood positively; try listening to the classics from composers such as Johann Strauss and Mozart and feel the stress drip away.

5. Switch Off

As soon as you walk through the door, imagine that you have entered a no-contact zone. Turn that mobile off, avoid the computer and banish any thoughts of social media. Give your eyes and mind a break by hitting the gym or cooking up a storm instead. Technology can be great, but it can also drain you physically and mentally.
Next time life leaves you a little bruised, use these techniques to de-stress and you will wake up with new purpose and energy. Do you have any tips to add? What works best for you?

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