Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The One Where Leo Has Chicken Pox

It all started on Friday 28th February, we had a play date with some very good friends of ours. The kids ran circles around us (literally) and we tried to have a conversation around the commotion the little ones called play time. 

Little did we know that the youngest of our good friends little girls was going to come out in some very suspect spots the next day. I was secretly hoping that Leo had been there long enough to pick them up himself, and began to calculate when he may display signs if he had indeed been infected.

I began searching online for the incubation period for Chickenpox and came up with varying time frames. The NHS choices webpage confirmed that it could be anywhere between 10-21 days, and so began our spot watch game. We were calling any skin blemish into question and it was only last Monday that nursery even sent Leo home. Nursery thought that a spot on Leo's face, and new spot in Leo's nappy line was Chickenpox. We kept a close eye on him and the spots began to fade with no new spots appearing, so we assigned the positions back on spot watch.

I had pin pointed the suspected date from 8th March on wards, this was the weekend that Luke and I were booked to go to London. Granny was having Leo over night while we went. As luck would have it illness had struck me down and although we still went to London, we spent a very quiet night in the hotel. I called Granny to check on Leo, and he was really not feeling himself. He had been pining for me and just needed a big cuddle, we decided that he probably was coming down with something..

Monday swung around and it saw me staying home from work feeling very sorry for myself. I was now on day 5 of feeling awful, and it was Monday that Leo saw the first spots starting to appear. I first noticed them on his back and as the day progressed more and more began to pop up. Leo has been mainly effected in his nappy area, and he has been really disturbed when he has been given nappy free time and he can see the clusters of red spots. We are on day two of the Chickenpox infestation and he has been really well behaved considering how un-comfortable he must be feeling, I noticed today that he is starting to scratch so I really must pop out and get all of the essentials for him. 

Leo has been complaining about the spots and telling me 'Mumma spots hurt' 'bum hurts', so I have just been trying to keep him as comfortable as possible, for the most part I have just been letting him stay naked so that the air can get to his skin. Rumor has it that the cooler the child is, the less potential spots that they may get.. As we haven't been out of the house I thought we would give it a go.

I have been trying to get some snaps of Leo's Chickenpox, I even resorted to bribing him with chocolate when he refused to play ball with the camera! Thankfully Leo did eventually let me get some snaps.

I guess now we just have to wait this out and hope that he doesn't scratch to much. How long did your little one have Chickenpox for?


  1. I am dreading getting the pox, mostly as I am sure it will be at the most inconvenient time! Hope he feels better soon x

    1. I just wanted to get it over and done with. At least now it will all soon be over. He has just woken up telling me his bum hurts again! This parenting fun is never ending hehe... Hope you are all ok xx

  2. Aww bless him! Hope he's feeling better soon x

  3. Oh bless him. LL had it the other day but literally had 5 pox so apparently she can get it again. Mads hasn't had it yet. I hope he is better soon. x


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