Sunday 16 March 2014

World Book Day 2014

Earlier this month on March 6th World Book Day took place. World Book Day is an entire day dedicated to books, and is a fantastic excuse to get the kids dressed up as their favourite characters from their favourite storybooks. This year marked World Book Day's 17th year running, and the purpose of the entire day is to encourage children to crack open a book and enjoy the wonders that can only be explored through the joys of reading.

I can remember taking part in World Book Day as a child and I have fond memories of getting all dressed up in honor of my favourite characters. Over the next few years I will be taking part again, now Leo is getting older and is at nursery we will be getting more involved in exciting occasions such as World Book Day. Although this year we didn't take part, I did enjoy watching all of the other kids getting involved over my social media timelines and I was really impressed to see the effort that had been put into each costume. I spied Hermione Granger from the ever popular Harry Potter Series, Where's Wally!? and many more fantastic costumes. 

It was nice to see that there were even characters from older pieces of literature that were running along hand in hand with more modern stories. Winnie the Pooh was one of the familiar faces that I saw cropping up, along with Pippi Longstocking and Peter Rabbit. It just highlighted for me that the books that I used to enjoy as a child are still as loved today as they were back then. 

I have been having a look at some data that has highlighted some of the most popular costume choices this World Book Day. You can have a look at a few of the examples below. Among them are characters from older pieces of literature, and more modern characters from books of recent years. 

Is the costume your little one wore among the list? 

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