Saturday 15 March 2014

The New iCandy Raspberry 2014

At the end of last month I was invited along to the London ExCel Baby Show with iCandy, a British pushchair brand that has 80 year’s experience within the nursery sector. iCandy kindly offered to demonstrate the new 2014 collection and let me have a sneaky first look at the upcoming releases.

iCandy have big plans for 2014 and of course this can only mean beautiful new designs set against the practicalities that we as parents always look for when in the market for a new pushchair or stroller. iCandy always take the smallest details into consideration and this for me really shone through when they first showed me the brand new Raspberry. I first saw the Raspberry back in September when I went along to the 80th birthday bash, and although I didn't get to have a play up close and personal on that occasion, I still marveled at just how easy on the eyes it was. The Raspberry is completely different to anything else that iCandy have ever done before, it doesn't look like any of the other models currently on the market and I think this is why it is going to be welcomed with very wide open arms.

The Raspberry is a light weight stroller perfectly adapted for urban use, it can be used from birth thanks to its generous recline and although looking completely unique among the other iCandy models, you can certainly tell it is part of the family.

The iCandy team demonstrated the Raspberry to our eager group, and looking around I could see that we were all very taken with the latest design. The well padded seat, the generous size of the hood and the different colour’s available (particularly Sunflower) make this a very attractive model. 

In total there are 7 vibrant colours to choose from, and a choice of natural brushed aluminum or matt black frames.

- Arctic Night
- Atlantic
- Lush
- Beetle
- Sunflower
- Wisteria
- Fushia

The coveted logo is being lasered onto the frame to ensure that it doesn't get chipped away over time, you know the everyday wear and tear that ultimately cannot be avoided. The stroller can fold with the seat unit in place, a feature that for me is essential, and it even folds in such a way that the seat until will be protected from muddy wheels! It is no secret how precious I can be about my pushchairs... and It was only the other day I was there with the baby wipes wiping down the muddy wheels before stowing it back into the car!

The wheels on the Raspberry are perfect for city strolls and are different to anything I have come across before. I can only describe them as like a hard gel, they are state of the art wheels to compliment the rest of the innovative Raspberry. They each promote indpendent suspension to ensure smooth strolling!

What I really like about the new Raspberry is that it is a pushchair choice that will see your baby through from the newborn days, right through to an age where pushchairs are no longer a necessity. In my experience you have the big full size pushchair for the first few months and then you decide to down size pretty quickly. You realise that you don't want the hassle of carting a big pushchair around and opt for a smaller easy to transport model. The Raspberry is such a great size and weight that it is exactly what we were looking for after we decided to downsize when Leo was around 5 months old. I think this will be a great contender for families looking to join the iCandy family but don't want to break the bank with their pushchair choice, and still get the consistent quality that iCandy are famous for.

The Raspberry is ultimately a pushchair that has been designed off of feedback collected from parents just like you and I. A sure sign that iCandy are listening to what real parents want, and they have taken everything we have said... and given us the Raspberry. 

iCandy are a coveted brand, and this is reflected in the quality and price of the pushchairs. The Raspberry offers a complete package that makes the iCandy brand more accessible to parents and expectant parents. It offers a complete package for parent’s to use the Raspberry from birth as a complete travel system 

The Raspberry will be launching in the summer of 2014, so there is not much longer to wait. It won't be long before the 7 vibrant colourways take to the streets. The iCandy Raspberry will be retailing at £460.00, and a whole range of accessories will be available to purchase separately. 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing this post. All views and opinions are completely honest and my own.


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    1. I personally think it's more attractive than the bee :)

    2. But not nearly as functional if Ruth's recent review is anything to go by x


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