Friday 28 March 2014

The one where I get locked out of the house...

Today I experienced what I can only refer to as a 'Desperate Housewives moment'. You may be scratching you head and wondering what on earth I could possibly be talking about.. But those ladies seem to have all of the worst luck combined with the funniest of scenarios, and today I became one of them. Today I found myself relating to a scene from Desperate Housewives... The only difference was that I wasn't naked when it happened!

As parent's we lug a lot of luggage around with us and it seems to accumulate into bags, bags and more bags! Especially on a nursery day when you even have a exclusive bag for just Leo, which 9 times out of 10 I will end up carrying. We had not long returned from Nursery, and we had headed back to Granny's house so that Leo could see everybody. We were the first back from the school run so we headed inside and decided to do some puzzles together. Suddenly I remembered that the lovely gifts Leo had made me for Mother's Day were still in the car, so I popped out to the car and closed the front door behind me. 

It was only after retrieving the items from the car I realised that I now had a problem. Trying the door I became aware that it was locked. In my haste to get outside I had swung the door shut and I had neglected to take off the latch! I called through the letter box, and I could see Leo sat on the stairs. He had the biggest smile on his face, and it only got wider when I told him that Mummy was locked out of the house. My first thought was that it would all be ok, because my keys were by my bag which I knew was in the lounge on one of the chairs, Leo would be more than happy to pop in and get them for me. WRONG! Passing my instructions to the mischievous little man through the letter box, it became apparent that Leo had absolutely no plans to help me get back inside. In fact the mere thought of helping his stranded Mummy just made the laughter flow louder and harder than he was laughing before I asked. Seconds after asking Leo I had the letter box shut in my face, yet I could still hear my cheeky chappy laughing from his perch on the stairs. The perch he was using to sit and giggle at his silly Mummy from!

I kept on asking for Leo's help, and he kept on giggling and chuckling away. I resounded to the fact that he was never going to help me, and just hoped that Granny would soon be back from the school run to let me inside!

Luckily Granny was home within 10 minutes, and Leo sat as good as gold (if you ignore the giggling and lack of assistance) in my eyesight the entire time. I am just lucky that he didn't decide to use the lack of parental guidance to run a muck in the house. Thankfully I was soon back inside and could see the humor that was coming out of our situation. 

One thing is for sure though, next time I nip out to the car I will make sure to check that latch is up so I can get back inside! Because Leo sure isn't going to help me!

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