Sunday 30 March 2014

The Read With Me Scout Review

Over the years we have used a number of different LeapFrog Products with Leo, all items that we still use today. Favourites have always been My Pal Scout who put the biggest of smiles on Leo's face, and of course the ever popular LeapTop that Leo insists on using to be just like his Mummy. At the end of last year we even welcomed in a LeapPad Ultra into the fold, and that has been a great addition to our expanding LeapFrog collection. As a parent one of the greatest aspects about LeapFrog products for me, is how you can personalise them to your little one's. My Pal Scout and the LeapPad call Leo by name and interact with him on a whole other level to any other toy I could mention. 

With Leo's 3rd Birthday coming up in June, I have been giving thought to gifts that you can present to a 3 year old. The age of 3 is an age of in between, the baby days are far behind and the toddler days are numbered, he is on the cusp of leaving his toddlerhood behind him. Turning 3 means that Leo will be in his final year before starting school, and beginning a whole new adventure. So what do you get for a 3 year old?

Maybe the Read With Me Scout?

The Read With Me Scout has been designed to help children aged between 2-5 years old with their reading. He's interactive, soft and fun to play with. Scout comes equipped with 5 board books, and he can read each of the included books. Each of the books is numbered 1-5, and it couldn't be easier for little hands to pick the book and set Scout up to read the book. All you have to do in order to get Scout reading the chosen book, is select the number corresponding with the book on Scout's collar.

I am still helping Leo set Scout up to read the chosen book, but he is happy to assist and pat Scout on the head when it comes to turning the page over.

The 5 included books help teach children different skills, from colours, shapes and numbers right through to different kinds of weather.

The Pattern Book, "Let's Go Camping!"
The Narrative Book, "Let's Find Scout's Toy!"
The Concept Book, "Let's Have a Party!"
In the Rhyming Book, "Let's Cheer Up Eli!"
The Learn-About Book, "Let's Learn About the Weather!"

Leo and I have been really enjoying our Read With Me Scout, we have been following the books along with Scout as he reads to us, and we have been having a look at the books cuddled up together. When Scout reads the books he asks questions as he goes to keep interest, and Leo is always more than happy to point out the answers to his questions. When you come to the end of each page with Scout he will tell you to give him a pat on the head to turn the page, this is a nice simple action that makes it easy for younger children to participate in.

I really like the included books, and Leo already has firm favourites that he likes to have read to him. Let's Cheer Up Eli is one of the ones he likes to look at on a daily basis, he hates to see Eli sad at the start of the book and has been known to kiss the image to try and make her feel better. Leo likes the final outcome of the book where Eli finally has a big happy smile on her face again. Each of the books are board books, so there is no worry that little ones will damage the pages.

Scout has a number of interactive spots, there are two on his head, one in the shape of a star and a heart on his cheek. Pressing these spots will generate a number of different phrases and sayings from Scout, such as 'Your nice! I like being friends with you!' and by stroking Scout on the back you will hear many more phrases.

There are 2 final interactive spots on Scouts front paws, and by pressing Scout's left paw he will sing a number of different songs. By pressing Scout's right paw you can give him a high five and say Hello to Scout.

If you have a look at Scout's collar, you will find the on and off switch. This switch allows you to alter Scout's mode, aside from the storybook mode you can actually put him into bedtime mode. This mode features soothing music and lovable phrases from Scout. The perfect combination to help quieten your little one down ready for bed after a bedtime story.

So what do Leo and I think of Read With Me Scout?

From a parent's perspective I have been really impressed, Scout is a great addition. He promotes learning, listening and is a great way to introduce reading to younger children. One of my loves for the LeapFrog brand is that kids can learn while they are having fun, and of course that is exactly when kids are paying the most attention! I knew that Leo was going to love Read With Me Scout as he still thoroughly enjoys his My Pal Scout. Leo has demonstrated a real love for the reading aspect of this toy, and is the perfect age to be getting the very most out of his Read With Me Scout.

We would definitely recommend this toy, and we have been singing his praises to our close friends and family. Scout makes story time fun and interactive, he really is a great addition for both learning and fun.

Read With Me Scout retails at £29.99, but by purchasing at Amazon you can pick him up for £22.49 (At the point of writing this review).

Disclaimer: We were sent the Read With Me Scout for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are completely honest and my own.  

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  1. This looks and sounds like great fun! I Great review.


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