Monday 10 March 2014

Hidden Gems: Wedding Venues Every Bride To Be Should Know About

As we head into Spring we enter a time of year where we see more and more weddings. With many couples holding out for a Spring or a Summer wedding in the hope of more favorable weather and the warmth of the British sun shining down over their very special day.

Now March has arrived we have seen the very first days of sun, and we are all secretly hoping that it will stick around and grant us one long sizzling summer! I know this is true for couples who have a wedding date coming around over the next few months...

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, thought and compromise. Every base needs to be covered and the venue that you choose to host your big day has to be what both partner's want. Do you want a elaborate day or a more down to earth occasion with close family and friends? Do you want a city location or more of a hidden gem that not everybody knows about? For me I would opt for the hidden gem off the beaten path, a old countryside church, but that may just be the traditionalist inside of me.

Thinking about hidden gems has got me thinking about venues...

I live within very close proximity to the Cotswold's and I even worked as a hotel receptionist in Chipping Campden a good few years ago. It was a popular wedding destination for the quaint buildings and rural setting, perfect for couples who wanted something a little different. I always thought that the Cotswold House Hotel and Spa would be a fantastic venue. Based in the heart of Chipping Campden marking the start of the Cotswold Way. Set among some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain, thatched cottages, historic houses and beautiful rolling hillside make this a beautiful choice set among thousands of years of history.

If the Cotswold's aren't as off the beaten path as much as you would hope, then look no further than the Tythe Barn in Oxfordshire. The Tythe Barn is set in a very rural location, tucked away in the tranquility of the Oxfordshire countryside. Picking a venue like this, a barn that can be done up as however you in vision your dream day to look like has it's advantages. You can bring your dreams and ideas along with you and set them against the blank canvas of the barn. There is something really magical and exciting about getting married in a barn, don't you think?

What if you want the countryside but you also want the luxury of a 4* Country House Hotel? The Ox Pasture Hall is in Scarborough North Yorkshire, and sits among 17 acres of landscaped gardens, not to mention the surrounding area, the beautiful picture perfect Yorkshire Moors are right on the doorstep. It is close to the sea (think of those wedding photos) and offers a beautiful venue for couples looking to celebrate their special day

I am sure you will agree that this wedding venue in North Yorkshire is a beautiful choice?

Choosing a venue is a very personal choice, and it is one of those things that each partner will have a differing opinion on. It is always a good idea to discuss all of the different options that are available to you, visiting your favorites off the list and then having a discussion as to which of the ones you have seen, that you like best. Maybe after picking your favorites you can revisit for a second viewing and then... Try to make a final decision together.

After all, it is the start of the rest of your lives.

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  1. These are just lovely photos. I love all these table decorations and would like to use this decoration inspiration in my sister’s big day. She will have destination wedding at NYC wedding venues. I am handling her wedding preparations so need some aisle decor ideas too. Can you help regarding this?


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