Wednesday 1 May 2013

A Potty No No

Recently I have been telling you of my impending plans to get a potty in the house and make the very first formal introductions between king Leo and the throne.

We finally got our hands on a potty a few weeks ago, nothing special just your average joe potty that I hoped Leo would take to like a duck to water…

The introduction didn’t go at all like I had secretly hoped it would. Leo gave the potty one fleeting glance and then shook his head in such a way that told me there was not a chance in hell that he was going to be taking a seat on the throne.

Anytime soon anyway…

We have kept it out and keep making casual references to it, more so when Leo is running around starkers and looking a little bit shifty… You know the look they make before they decide to stand there looking straight down at ‘it’ and peeing all over your floor, while moving side to side like he is sprinkling your lawn.

So far Leo is doing a mighty good job of ignoring the potty’s existence all together, but I expect as time goes on he will become more interested. For the moment though he seems more than content just peeing as he goes…He really is such a little charmer!

As I said though, we are in no rush and are just taking each day as it comes. He is 22 months old and there is plenty of time for him to get there, and I want him to do it in his own time.

Although I did try and get Daddy to show Leo how exactly you use a potty… Can’t think why he refused to do it!?


  1. Haha. My hubby was asking me the other day when I'm going to teach the little man to wee standing up. I told him that was going to have to be his area as he has the necessary equipment!!
    Don't worry, Leo will get there. And pushing it too much can make it take longer, so just carry on having it around and letting him sit on it and just wait and see. x

    1. Oh yes! The men really do need to step up in the potty training department with their toddler boys! x

  2. he will get there just give him time :) I think hes a really clever boy already as he knows what its for just don't want to and the worst thing you can do is force them i suppose so just letting it take its time is the way forward. This post did make me giggle a bit and i have loved following Leo as hes grown up as been reading every now and then.

    1. He has all the time in the world, we are in no rush.

      Aw thank you lovely! x


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