Tuesday 14 May 2013

The Grand Designs Live Show

I had one very excited other half when I told him that we had been invited along to ExCeL London to visit The Grand Designs Show. Luke avidly watches the TV programme so he was excited to be let loose and have a wonder around all of the stands. I on the other hand was looking forward to seeing the unique items and having a ponder around the food section.

Who knew that getting into London early on a Sunday would be such a faf? I sure didn’t…So our 11am meet with Ekornes was postponed by 3 hours, after we had finally stepped foot into London and navigated the endless closures on the tube lines. Finally…We arrived.

We walked into the show with the crowds of other people who were hoping to find themselves a bargain on the last day of the show. Neither of us knew which row we should start at first, we didn’t want to miss a single thing.

I had no idea that The Grand Designs show was going to be set to such a large scale, there were businesses from all walks of life all offering something new and exciting. There was something for absolutely everyone, from art lovers to those looking for eco-friendly ideas to help save them money on their bills.

Ekornes were set up demonstrating their Stressless furniture, amongst them were the recliners and sofas. People were avidly taking a seat and putting them through their paces.

I found myself wandering around with my mouth dragging along the floor, wanting to spend money that I couldn’t even dream of ever earning. I stumbled across the Water Bed stand and I could have stayed there floating on luxury all afternoon, I mean who wouldn’t want a water bed that offers a back massage too!?

Sony were along showing off all of their most up to date televisions and tablet devices, as those really prestigious homes people have dreamed up need furnishing as such too with all the latest technology.

Sony invited us to sit down and try out their 3D television, which as expected was completely fantastic, and once again completely blew any potential budget well out of the water.

Although if you were in the market for anything particular it was well worth going along and having a look, with so many big brands there offering special show discounts on their usual RRP, there was the potential to pick up a real bargain. If you go along with an open mind and one or two items that you would like then you could surprise yourself.

It is well worth researching who will be in attendance at these events ahead of attending, so you have an idea of what you will see when you are there. What really amazed me was the extent of some of the stands that had been set up. There were hot tubs on display, a swimming pool full of water, cars and even a caravan.

I was in my element when I discovered the food and home section of the show, I spent a great deal of time walking around taking in all the aromas and watching product demonstrations.

This section is actually where we made our purchases, I discovered the tastiest jarred curries that had been cooked up by Panjaban and decided to stock the cupboards up so that we had a selection. If you are a curry lover like I am then make sure you check them out and try a few. The Keema is my absolute favourite!

We spent a lovely afternoon looking around the show and by the end we each had a pair of very tired feet. If you are thinking of going along next year then make sure you do, there is so much to see.

If you can avoid eating your lunch within ExCeL I would advise it as it cost me an arm and a leg just to eat a Subway!

A big thanks to Ekornes for their hospitality, we both had a wonderful day!

Disclaimer: I was provided with tickets to the Grand Designs Live show and my travel expenses were paid to be in attendance, however all views and opinions are completely honest and my own.

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