Wednesday 29 May 2013

This Bank Holiday Weekend...

This Bank Holiday Weekend we spent a few days in Devon. 

We rolled with the weather...

We blew dandelion clocks...

We played outside and slid down the slide.

We laughed and we smiled...

We took a walk by the lake and fed the ducks...

We took a drive over to Minehead beach and sat along the sea front...

We laughed when Leo heard a Cockerel and thought it was an Elephant, we laughed even harder when he put his arm up as though he had an Elephant's trunk.

We were amazed when Leo went straight to bed in a strange new place without any fuss, and without any drama.

We loved the extra hour in bed he let us have.

We waved goodbye to the sun as the rain set in.

We came back home early when the weather didn't improve.

But while the sun was shining we were having a lovely bank holiday weekend.

What did you get up to?


  1. Looks like a lovely bank holiday weekend- I love the photo of Leo smiling. X

  2. Looks fab! We went to the beach too and it was glorious sun on Monday! x

    1. We can never have enough sunshine right! x


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