Wednesday 1 May 2013

Letting John Lewis Into Your Bathroom

Luke and I have been looking at our bathroom recently, it is a lovely big space that has the potential to be somewhere that you would really like to kick back in the tub with a book. There are just a few things missing from the equation for you to really want to let go and relax.

So I have been making a little wishlist that I hope Luke will get wind of and maybe surprise me with! A girl can dream right!?

Firstly we seem to have accumulated some bathroom 'clutter'. Shampoo bottles, deodorants and perfumes dotted around willy nilly. Not a good look when you want to relax. So a nice storage cupboard would be perfect to neatly store everything.

Out of sight is out of mind after all.

We are in need of a new bath matt, so I am thinking of pushing the boat out and indulging in a Egyptian Cotten bath matt. Or by I...I do mean Luke. Who wouldn't want to get out of the bath, wrap themselves in a Egyptian Cotton towel fresh of the towel rail, and put their feet down onto the same luxury.

I know I wouldn't be complaining!

So Luke... If you happen to read this, please consider these requirements in any future house splurges :)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post


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