Tuesday 14 May 2013

Smile Combat

There’s a look that we give each other.

It’s a knowing look, a look that has the power to reduce us both to fits of the giggles.

Sometimes for absolutely no reason at all, it could even be at a time where I am in the process of telling Leo why he shouldn’t be trying to throw all of my freshly washed clothes through the banister rail and down the stairs… Or how he shouldn’t be taking Daddy’s shoes out of his side of the wardrobe so he can get in and tell me ‘bye’… Or even when he is throwing all of the dinner that he doesn’t want on the floor as fast as I am picking it up…

In any instance Leo tilts his head and shoots that winning smile in my direction.

A cheeky smile accompanied by the dirtiest of laughs, but the most infectious kind of chuckles that you have to be made of stone to resist. 

I shoot him my sternest look, I mean business and no amount of Leo’s smiling combat is going to knock me off my perch this time. No siree.

Then Leo’s looking at me, big blue eyes and all.

The smile is there.

The dirty laugh.

Then a crack appears on my face,  and there is nothing I can do.

First the right hand side of my face relents and as quickly as I try to whip it back into line, the left hand side joins suit.

The smile has appeared on my face and any hope I had in letting that mischievous little boy of mine know who is boss has been thwarted.

For those moments while we are both laughing so hard that the tears stream down my cheeks and my sides begin to ache, it doesn’t even matter what he was doing before because that time when we are like that, it is perfect.


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