Saturday 4 May 2013

Our Understanding

All of a sudden I am noticing a real understanding with Leo.

You can talk to him or ask him to do something and he will do it or know exactly what you are saying to him.

The look on his face says it all.

This understanding allows him to tell me more when he has a problem or he wants something.

If Leo see’s a pudding menu in a restaurant or a photo of a cake I have made, he will shout ‘more, more, more’ while doing his ‘more’ sign.

Yes he still signs!

With Leo becoming more accustomed to the world around him and his perception adapting as he grows, he really is becoming a man of the world.

He knows that by using words or making funny noises he can get a giggle out of anyone in his vicinity. If he makes a ‘pop’ or a burp he chuckles and looks around for a reaction (which is usually provided by his Aunt and Uncle!)

In fact when the cheeky little so and so does burp, he tells me exactly that ‘burp’. We just need to get him saying ‘pardon’ as efficiently!

He is paying attention as we drive along in the car, and as we drive over the bridge over looking the river he lets me know that he has seen the ducks swimming about below. A familiar ‘quack, quack’ each and every time we drive over the bridge and into town, and as we drive off the bridge and around the corner he lets out a little cry that we aren’t parking up and going to feed them.

Now how awkward is it when your then 21 month old toddler shouts ‘chips’ as you drive past McDonald’s!? Because to me…It is a sure sign that Mummy has been eating a few too many… Leo has never ever had a meal and won’t be for the foreseeable future, but he has pinched chips out of my meal, and now apparently has the association with the big M.

The first time it happened I almost crashed the car. We were simply driving past when he shouts ‘CHIPS’ while pointing at the golden arch out of his window, it is safe to say that he is a very observant little chap and Mummy is not eating them any more…

Leo has become a little superstar in coming down the stairs independently, he sits on his bum and bumps down each and every step until he reaches the bottom. He looks so triumphant when he gets down and just wants to climb back up so that he can do it all again. The other week Leo got a little bit ahead of himself while coming down with Daddy, and managed to fall into the banister hurting his cheek.

I heard it all unfolding and ran out to see what had happened and Leo just buried his head into me as he declared his pain with a piercing cry. Within 5 minutes he was absolutely fine again and the only reminder of what had happened was the little bruise coming out on his cheek. I thought that was the end of it, but when the chance presented itself to take himself back down the stairs a week later. He wouldn’t do it.

Leo pointed at his cheek and at the banister where he had fallen, before refusing to bump bumpety bump down the stairs.

The understanding Leo has for the world and for life now is becoming incredible clear to me. He knows that if he does certain things then he can hurt himself, and he remembers when and how he did hurt himself, resulting in a life lesson.

Little man likes to copy Mummy and Daddy, he will even bring his Leap Frog LeapTop over to sit by each of us when we have our laptop's out.

His speech is really starting to come together, he still has words that only I can decipher, and sometimes he just doesn’t have the particular word that he needs, but I am really impressed with how he is developing and know that each and every day brings new words.

We are discovering new foods that he just loves, the latest are Blueberries. The love for them is so strong that Leo proceeded to demolish an entire tub that I bought mere hours before! I have a real little fruit bat on my hands!

This little man is discovering his world, and the magic of everyday things is becoming more and more magical all the time. Take the above meeting of Leo and his shadow getting formally introduced for the very first time.

Kisses were exchanged just as Leo does with the mirror, but I am pretty sure he doesn't understand the connection the shadow poses to himself.

With Leo's second birthday fast approaching I am sure this rollercoaster we are on is about to get a little bit faster and a little more un-predictable.

But I can't wait!


  1. It is amazing how much fun it becomes when you start to understand each other and Dylan is getting really good at communicating with us now too. x

  2. He is really adorable Laura you must be very proud of him. x

    1. Thanks lovely, I am incredibly proud of him :) x


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