Friday 17 May 2013

Leo's First Dental Appointment

A child's life is full of firsts.

First teeth, first milestones and first birthdays. 
The first time he saw a Christmas tree and the first time he went on holiday.

The firsts can follow them throughout many years of their life.

Leo's latest first was just yesterday. 
When he visited the Dentist for the very first time.

In true Leo style they certainly knew he was in the building.
Only moments after arriving he managed to knock my milkshake all over waiting room floor.

This prompted a very embarrassed Mummy to attempt mopping it up with baby wipes.
It prompted the receptionist to grab a mop in order to get a more thorough job done...

Needless to say we both sat very quietly after this...
We waited in almost silence for our names to be called.

We were beckoned in to see the dentist. 

Leo sat with Granny while I was having my pearly whites checked. 
And then it was time for Leo to have his very first check up.

Leo didn't want to sit on the big chair all alone,
so he sat on my lap.

Then we had to persuade Leo to open up his mouth so that the dentist could get a proper look inside.

The dentist confirmed that Leo had his full set of milk teeth now, 
a suspicion I had been carrying around for months.

Leo sat there looking a little bewildered but co-operated the entire time.

I just wonder if they welcome us back in November for Leo's second check up...
After the milkshake/waiting room incident that is!


  1. Aw cute! Bless him. I worry so much about Mads milk teeth as she eats a lot of sugar. x

  2. I'm also led to believe that she hires folks as marketing efforts to write fluffy reviews on Yelp, so I encourage people to proceed how they feel comfortable.


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