Wednesday 1 May 2013

The Tomy John Deere Tractor Range For The Budding Young Farmer In Your Life!

I suddenly have a little boy who is very into tractors.

Whenever he spots one when we are on our travels he points and tells me about it, by repeating ‘tractor’ over and over again until he is acknowledged.

So when I was asked whether I would like to review the new Tomy John Deere Tractor toys’s I jumped at the chance, as I knew that Leo would be very pleased with them.

Tomy have some great new tractor ranges out for all ages, for smaller hands and bigger hands. We have been sent a mixture of what is now on offer and I have been really impressed with all of it.

The one I have been really excited about is the Fun on the Farm Play set, it comes with 20 pieces and is suitable from 1 and a half years of age upwards.  There are 4 vehicles that can each be fitted with a trailer to carry the harvests that you will no doubt be raking in, and Two farmers ready to hop in and out of there very fancy choice of John Deere tractors and harvesters.

There is also fencing to enclose a few of the animals and everything you could possibly need to run a successful farm!

As soon as I saw all of these tractor goodies I knew that we could clear off Leo’s little table and set it all up on there so that he could sit and have a proper play about with them. Leo’s table is actually perfect as it is a farm yard theme, and with it all set up they certainly don’t look out of place!

Each of the items in this set are chunky and perfect for little hands, Leo has had a great time driving the tractors around on the table top, and even up and down my legs. Because it is all nice and chunky we haven’t experienced any of Leo’s strops that come about when he can’t get a toy to do something that he can’t quite do for himself, so it has been lovely having the peace and quiet that follows while he is playing.

Among the other goodies that we have been sent were two smaller tractors, soon to be known as Johnny Tractor and Allie Gator, they too are suitable for ages 1 and half upwards. These two vehicles seem to have joined the play set on Leo’s table and become one big happy tractor family.

Jonny and Allie are both perfectly sized for toddlers and older babies to play with. They each have a face upon their wind shield which is perfect for the age range, and their grills double as their mouths. There are no small parts and are in my eyes perfect for a toddlers as a first time vehicle to push around.

The final item in our box full of tractor fun was the John Deere Monster Treads ‘Lights and Sounds’ Tractor. This was the very first item we un-packaged and let Leo have a play with. When the box arrived he was actually in the middle of his lunch, so with me un-packing these rather amazing new toys right there in front of him, could have been deemed a little bit of a distraction. Suddenly the lunch bowl was being pushed away and his hands were coming out for the tractor with the glowing headlights and beeping horn.

It looked like love at first sight, so I handed over the tractor with the big rubber wheels and watched him roll it around on the table pushing all the buttons. This tractor is aimed for older children of around 3+ but Leo has really enjoyed it. Along the top of the tractor are 3 buttons that operate the different sounds that the tractor makes and of course the glowing head lights, all of which are really easy to push to be rewarded with the sounds and lights. Leo especially loved that this tractor has the sound and light ability.

I love how everything is co-ordinated in the same John Deere Green and Yellow colouring, they are each bright and encouraging to play with. Everyone of Leo’s little friends who has been over for a play date has headed over to the play table to get a closer look, and ended up having a great time with the new Tomy toys.

The only problem is that Leo is still working on his sharing ability…Currently it could be much better…. Sharing is not at the top of his to do list.

I am really impressed with the Tomy John Deere range and would highly recommend all of it, especially the farm play set which is by far my favourite.

You can find all of these goodies online, Amazon are currently selling the John DeereFun on The Farm Play Set for £28.39, the John Deere Monster Treads ‘Lights andSounds’ Tractor for £10.44 and Johnny Tractor & Allie Gator for £7.11.

Disclaimer: I was sent this selection of Tomy John Deer toys for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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