Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Cake Smash...That Didn't!

I often think I have the most clumsy, often destructive toddler in the world. 
Dirt and trouble seem to gravitate towards him and things just seem to have a tendency to fall over or go wrong in the same instance as him entering the room.

So when Nicola at Life Through My Eyes told me she was planning a cake smash for little Paige, I thought I would give it a try with my little man. After all he would love it right?

I spent the duration of Leo's afternoon nap in the kitchen baking up a cake for him to destroy. I even iced it really quickly so that it was a little more appealing to him. Of course it was around about this time that Luke decided to walk in the door from work and couldn't quite fathom why Leo got an entire cake to himself....That he was potentially just going to bash around!

Luke was actually telling me that he wanted a slice before it got leo'd...

Ignoring Luke completely I led Leo out into the garden and placed the entire cake on the ground. Leo just stood there staring at me as if to say 'are you crazy Mumma!?' He stood there as if he was looking for my approval, scared to make a move as on any normal occasion I would be telling him to keep his little hands off it! 

I told Leo to go for it, to eat what he liked and enjoy himself, and with this little piece of encouragement he dipped a finger into the icing. He put it straight into his mouth and stuck his hand straight back into the cake for some more.

Then Leo...The most destructive toddler in the entire world...Demanded a spoon!

Yes, my toddler who apparently does not like getting his hands dirty wanted a spoon to complete his cake smash!

Obliging to his request, I got him a spoon and he continued to spoon the icing into his mouth. But that is as far as our little cake smash went. 

This is the cake after it got 'smashed'...And after Luke had a slice!

I really thought that he would be unstoppable and this cake would be well and truly smashed into tiny little pieces, hence the taking him outside. 

Maybe my little toddler isn't quite as troublesome as I first thought. Maybe he is actually rather refined... Or he is just growing up and knows that he shouldn't really throw/destroy food, even if Mummy is encouraging him.


  1. I just posted our attempt Thomas didn't get as messy as I though/would of liked him to he normally makes such a mess with everything!

    1. It's surprising isn't it! You would have thought that they would be well into it x

  2. Bless him, Dylan doesn't like getting messy anymore but here was his first cake smash -

    1. I think it is something that needs doing when they are younger :) x

  3. We had a rather unsuccessful cake smash too. I planned one for the little guy's first birthday and he just sat and ate the cake really tidily. I've never been so disappointed in my life. I just about got a photo with some green and blue cake smeared by his mouth, when I had pictured some gorgeous photos of him covered in cake.
    Fingers crossed my little miss might be more accommodating when she turns one. x

  4. Hehehe, I love that he used a spoon!!!! These children of ours need to learn how to get messy and play properly for mummy and her camera :) x

    1. These kiddies eh! You would have thought that they would have LOVED to get dirty! xx

  5. Oh bless him Laura! We didn't do a cake smash for Mads but I definitely will do one for my little lady. However I can bet Mads would have been the same as Leo, as she hates getting her hands dirty! x


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