Friday 10 May 2013

Eyes Wide Like Saucers

I love the age Leo is at right now.

22 months old.

An almost 2 year old toddler boy.

He is so curious about the world around him, and the simplest everyday occurrence is the most magical experience for him.

Simply seeing a pigeon or a cat makes his eyes grow to the size of saucers, and the real magic moments make his jaw drop open wide.

He runs around discovering the wonders of the great outdoors and takes in everything. Leo notices things before I have even seen them these days and it is him pointing them out telling me what they are.

He has discovered bouncy castles and bouncy slides down our local park, he doesn’t think of the money factor, he just see’s something he would love to do.

Leo was on the stairway to the slide before we even had chance to hand over any money. He worked his way all the way up to the top, to the point where the slanted stairs suddenly become vertical!

Followed closely by Daddy of course…

Daddy had to hoist Leo up the vertical stairs to the top, while holding on himself…At this precise moment Leo’s God Daddy who had gone up behind them managed to fall from the peak, rolling right down to the bottom.

He rolled all the way back down until he landed at the very bottom generating great laughter from the people watching their children bump down the slide, whose eyes had been diverted to the fully grown man rolling down the stairs.

The thought of it happening is enough to crease my face into the biggest smile!

Getting to watch Leo enjoy these experiences and even take part is giving myself is the most amazing opportunity. I feel as though I am getting to re-live my childhood again, getting to re-discover the magic in the world.

I am allowed to believe in fairies and Santa Clause, and I can help manifest this magic into Leo’s life.

I get excited about taking Leo to feed the ducks and planning special occasions that allow me to sprinkle some glitter into our lives, anything to keep that smile on his face and the magic in his life for as long as possible.

I am kicking birthday preparations into gear and with his birthday present already here, I am already imagining that amazing look on his face when he sees what he has.

My little 22 month old is only just beginning to see the wonders of this world, and I am determined to show him everything to keep the magic alive and those eyes wide like saucers.


  1. Gorgeous. It is lovely watching them explore the world around them x

    1. I love seeing what he gets up to, I never know what to expect! x


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