Saturday 26 April 2014

34 Months Old

With another month notched onto the hands of time, you are now a sassy 34 month old. Toddlerhood is the name of the game and you have the rules all figured out.

Your 34th month has seen you settle into nursery completely, on your last session before Easter you had trotted off before I could even kiss you goodbye. You didn’t even notice me slip away, as you were playing so contently. In comparison to earlier weeks this was a breakthrough, and I hoped that the 2 weeks off wouldn’t jeopardise the progress that we had made.

We had a bit of feedback from nursery…Not that I would actually call it constructive feedback. It was more of a very apparent observation. Things I already knew about you. What I was hoping for was to hear how you socialised with your fellow nursery friends, what you got up to during the hours that you were with them. We do have an upcoming parents evening at the end of June so I will be able to have a proper sit down the with nursery leaders, but I will be asking for further feedback before then.

When I come to pick you up you are always sat beautifully with all of the other children on the carpet. You have to stay sat there until they call your name, and when they do call your name you know that I am here to collect you. You run at me and give me the biggest cuddle. I always love coming to collect you from nursery for this very reason!

They have been spoiling you rotten on the last couple of occasions and have been bringing out cupcakes. Lots of the children are having birthdays, so you have been reaping in the goodies! Granddad asked you where his cake was the other day, and the reply you gave him actually shocked me! I have absolutely no idea where you have picked this up.. My only thoughts are that it is nursery! Your reply was no other than ‘in my bum!’. Granddad and I both shot each other a look, and asked each other if we had just heard the same thing… Which we had!

With all of the birthdays going on at school, lot’s of your friends are now turning 3. So all of a sudden you are no longer two, as you are utterly convinced you are 3. In fact whenever I tell you how old you are… You tell me that you are 3!

In terms of naps you are still having your daily afternoon nap, when we are not out and about during this time! Given the opportunity though and you are more than happy to take a snooze for an hour or so. You are still loving your car bed, and from the moment you go to bed at night, until you get up in the morning you stay put. These days when you awake in the morning and you know Mummy and Daddy are still sleeping, you will quietly get up and sneak through to find us. The first thing you will do is give me a great big kiss on the lips before climbing into bed beside me. I can’t pin point exactly when you started doing this, but my morning usually starts with a big kiss from you!

At 34 months old you are still a complete and utter Mummy’s boy. When I pick you up from Granny’s you want to go to ‘Mummy’s house’. You want me to snuggle up with on the sofa to watch your new Frozen DVD, and you want me to tuck you in at night to read you a bedtime story. At bed time we are currently working our way through the collection of Harry’s Bucketful of Dinosaurs, which you are loving. I have been altering Harry’s name to Leo, which seems to be going down a treat with you!

Dinosaurs are fast becoming another love of yours, and if I am honest it makes a great change to Lightning McQueen and Planes! I have been sitting and watching you play with your growing collection of cars, planes and trains. It is wonderful watching you act out different scenarios and having a real game of make believe. What puts a real big smile on my face was watching you rein act the part of Planes where Dusty fly’s through the train tunnel. You make all of the right noises in all of the right places, and it is clear to see just how into the game you are!

Your talking is coming on no end all of the time, you are switching out words that you used to say for certain things and in their place using the real words. Lightning McQueen was always a word that you wouldn’t say but now say it as clear as day. All of a sudden this month you decided that you could say it, and that was it! You always had your own names for your Aunty Alice and Uncle Chris, Aiya and Cha. But even though they will always be Aiya and Cha, you do call them by their real names, and you are even calling Alice, Ali now!

You are getting to grips with all of your colours and can tell me exactly what colour my car is when asked. You know that Granny’s car is Black and that both Daddy and Granddad have White cars.  When we are out and about, I ask you what colour the vehicles we pass are, and you will answer as we go.

You surprised me the other day when we heard the familiar music of the ice-cream truck, by telling me exactly what it was. I had no idea that you even knew about the existence of ice cream trucks, and can’t help wondering how you do know. You just giggle and tell me all about the ice-cream! How you know is still a mystery to me…But I can hazard a guess that it is something to do with your Aunt and Uncle!

The other weekend we picked up a second hand climbing frame for you, something for you to use in the garden at home. It was a bargain at £50 and we knew that you were going to absolutely LOVE it. So once Daddy worked out how it all went back together, you were free to climb all over it. You took to it straight away and wanted to see Jack from next door. You wanted to talk to him and show him your climbing frame!

These days as soon as we pull the car up outside the house you are wanting to see Jack. You tell me ‘I see Jack!’ over and over until I open the back door and you escape into the garden!

A big step forward in your 34th month was using the potty for the first time! After having the potty out for over a year, you decided now was the time to use it. We are still taking baby steps and potty training is not yet in full force… But we are getting there. Now I just need to convince you that pants are not the devils work!

So little man we are moving into your 35th month. One month closer to your 3rd birthday!

Where oh where is the time going?


  1. How are our babies nearly 3! Leo sounds like such a lovely little character, I haven't seen him in so long and he has grown up so much

    1. These boys are growing at lightning speed! It's madness x


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