Monday 28 April 2014

It Looks Like We Are Moving!

In the 17 months that I have been living in my privately rented home, I have always been aware that things could change in an instant. This home we live in isn't really ours, we could be asked to leave at any time. Over the time we have lived here we have done little things to make this house feel like our home, but I have always been aware that this house wouldn't be our forever home.  I resisted the temptation to decorate, I didn't do anything with the garden but I did put our family photos up and made it ours in other ways.

This home we have made for ourselves could be gone in the blink of an eye, and that is the reality of the situation. Over the weekend I found out that we had been served notice. The owner actually took the time to write a personal letter, and dropped it a door down from us to Luke’s Dad’s house.

The letter prompted Luke’s Dad to knock on our door, he was concerned and wanted to let me know right away. He looked worried and serious all at the same time as he handed me the letter and told me about the news. At first I was really confused, I thought it was a joke. I thought our letting agency had sent the letter to him, and that really baffled me. It turns out that Luke’s Dad actually knows our landlord to a certain extent, and they knew that his son was renting their house. All I can think is that they thought the news would come better from a family member.

The letter gave genuine reasons for them having to serve notice. Their son is going through financial difficulty, and is having to sell the family home. His parents, our landlords are helping him. Giving him a place to stay with his children. They are doing what any parent would do for their child. I know that I would if I had the means to do so, I would do everything I possibly could to make sure Leo was ok.

The news wasn’t shocking or a scenario I had never thought it about, it was just un-expected. It is something I have always thought out, it has always been a possibility and not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’. I really do appreciate our landlords taking the time to let us know about the situation ahead of the agency, it meant that I could spend Saturday night looking at housing options. It gave me chance to get my head around our situation. It also meant that when the agency called me at work today, I knew what they were going to say. It meant that I didn't feel my heart lurch and break down in the office. It meant I was prepared.

The thought of packing up our entire lives in boxes is a scary thought, I don’t know where to begin with it at all. How do you go about packing  up a whole house? We have 2 months, right up until July 1st to vacate the house and find a new home for our little family. In terms of moving though, there isn’t very much on the local renting market at the moment and the rentals are much more expensive than what we currently pay.

I have told Leo that we need to find ourselves a new home, and he’s adamant that he is staying put. We seem to have reached a compromise now that he realises that we can take his car bed with him! A new home for us needs to have space, lots of space. A room dedicated for toys, a garden to play, nice sized bedrooms.

The next few weeks are all about finding our new home, and getting our bums into gear. Having spoken to the agency today it seems that if we get ourselves out before the 1st July, then the landlord may let us out early. This would be really great for us as I expect we will be moving out by the end of May or some point in June. The sooner the better.

Right now it feels like we have so much to sort that the sooner we have a property sorted the better. 


  1. I know your pain - we have moved house 5 times in 5 years :( It's my dream to buy a house, but sadly, that might never happen. Good luck! And kids are more resilient than you think. As long as you are with them, they'll be happy! xx

    1. Buying a house is something I aim to do, when I don't know.. But I believe sooner or later we will get there :)

  2. i have never really had a big move before. i went 30 minutes away to college for 4 years, then after living with my parents for a year after graduation, i moved about 5 minutes away to an apartment. in less than 2 months i will be moving 4 hours away after i get married. i think the hardest part will be adjusting to being in a new place and not knowing anyone :(


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