Sunday 13 April 2014

Dreaming Of Some Sunshine

It is safe to say that 2014 has kicked off with an frightful amount of rain. We have seen flooding and just general miserable weather. All of this rain has highlighted a certain item of clothing that both Leo and I have been lacking…Waterproof jackets!

If you are like me, you will shy away from heading out and about when it rains, but let’s face it… If you need to go out, you need to go out! Leo on the other hand is not scared of a little bit of water, he’s more than happy to slip on his wellies and find numerous muddy puddles to splash around in! It was only earlier this week after I picked Leo up from nursery, that he decided to jump through each and every puddle he came across, in his trainers no less! Suffice to say I didn’t anticipate that first splash, which resulted in grand smiles from the mischievous one!

By the end of the walk back to the car, Leo had drenched his shoes and splashed water (and mud) all up his jeans. He had managed to inflict the splashes in my direction just as much as his… So I too got to feel soggy and muddy. Of course Leo didn’t mind, this just made the puddle activities that little bit more exciting. Splashing in deep, muddy puddles is so much more fun… When Mummy gets involved too!

I recently came across Muddy Puddles, an online shop selling a wide variety of coats, and jackets that will help our kids weather the elements. They have jackets that will protect you from a rain shower, right through to warmer coats that will weather a snow storm.

Muddy Puddles have the coat (and footwear) for the job. I particularly like the rainmac’s as these little beauties come in handy throughout the year, living in Britain we know that we will spy rain even over the Summer months so it is a good item of clothing to have to hand.

As a parent I like to know that I have everything for Leo that I could possibly need, and as he is growing all of the time this can prove to be one demanding task. Sometimes I find that I only realise that we have a need for an item….In the instance that we actually need it! You can guarantee that if you have to pop into a high-street shop you won’t be able to find what you are looking for. I have found myself in this position on a number of occasions, they either don’t have the size, pattern or the entire item I am after. I guess this is why I do so much of my clothes shopping online these days!

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