Friday 11 April 2014

Great Nights Out in Dublin

Dublin’s most famous export is of course Guinness, and no visit to Dublin is complete without a visit to the Guinness Storehouse, on the site of the brewery in the city centre. It’s a vast, interactive attraction that tells the story of Guinness’s journey from humble beginnings to world domination. You can learn how to pour the perfect pint and when you reach the top floor at the end of the tour you’ll be rewarded with a pint of Guinness in the glass-walled Gravity Bar that boasts incredible 360 degrees views of the city.

And now that your appetite’s well and truly whetted, it’s time to find some more watering holes.


Dublin’s many pubs are famous for their ‘craic’ - that hard to define mixture of warmth, friendliness and music that creates a unique atmosphere that you’ll want to revel in all evening. You’re bound to happen upon plenty of welcoming pubs as you explore the city, but if you’re hankering after the ultimate traditional Irish pub atmosphere, head to Palace in Fleet Street, the history-soaked hang out of Dublin’s most famous writers of the past.


Dublin’s a city where tradition sits happily alongside the new in the form of a thriving, buzzing bar scene, which is good news if you’re more into cocktails than Guinness. Dakota on William Street South is a perfect place to grab a booth and rub shoulders with the young, trendy residents of Ireland’s capital.

Don’t forget you’re on holiday so just relax and enjoy the craic. Many of Dublin’s pubs and bars also do excellent food so they’re perfect one-stop fun destinations. And when it comes to hotels Dublin has a great choice of cheap, central rooms  - handy when it’s time to call it a night. 

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