Wednesday 30 April 2014

The One Where We Go For An Eye Test

Back in January I told you all about Leo’s Two and half year check. It was an experience that I really didn't enjoy and came away feeling incredibly rubbish about. Our health visitor turned the entire appointment into a complete song and dance, she insisted on seeing Leo two months later so that she could follow up and check on his progress.

During the appointment she decided that Leo had a squint and was going to be booking a separate appointment for him, that would come through a few weeks later. She wanted to get Leo seen as soon as possible so that treatment could commence if needed, she didn't want him waiting around if he did have one. We got to the end of March and I still had not received the promised appointment through and there had been complete radio silence from our health visitor.

I tried to call her myself on numerous occasions and finally left her a voice mail asking her to give me a call back. I wanted to discuss Leo and get the follow up that she had advised, and also get Leo’s appointment for his eye sorted just to air on the side of caution.

I never did get a call back from our health visitor, and this has gone on to annoy me further. However the date I left the voice mail obviously spurred her into finally booking Leo’s eye exam, even though she still didn't call me back. A week later I received a letter from the surgery with a date to take Leo in, and ironically the letter was dated 27th March 2014, the day I called and left the message.

I can’t help feeling really let down by our health visitor, what if Leo had actually had a squint? What if she had prolonged the necessary treatment? What if Leo had been a child who had other problems? What if he was being abused? Would she still have been so slack?

On Wednesday 23rd March I took Leo along to have his eyes examined. We walked into the room and Leo instantly spied a Thomas train. We took our seats and the lady we were visiting got Leo to co-operate with her tests. She shone a little light in his eyes and got him to follow it with his eyes. She used toys to get his attention and was really fantastic with him.

The doctor asked me what I thought, and I personally knew that Leo did not have a squint, but not being a professional I wanted to make sure that my gut feeling was right. My thoughts were confirmed seconds later and she agreed that Leo’s eyes were perfectly fine.

The appointment lasted no longer than 10 minutes, we were in and out. Leo had been fantastic and I was really pleased with the doctor that we had seen.

The health visitor still hasn't followed up with us, she hasn't contacted us to arrange for Leo to come in as promised. The appointment that she wanted to schedule with us was for Leo to come back in and repeat his check-up. Then if she still wasn't happy, she was going to refer Leo for speech therapy. Since January Leo has come on in leaps and bounds, and I want her to see this. I do think he would benefit from speech therapy, and I want her to pull her finger out and do what she promised.

The health visitor has booked us in for a hearing test on Wednesday 7th May, this is something I personally asked for during the check up in January. I wanted to rule out Glue Ear and make sure he was hearing everything as he should. The health visitor told me that this would happen if he was referred, and that it wouldn't be happening now. But all of a sudden we have an appointment through… I am pleased just to get it checked and ticked off, as Leo can quite obviously hear everything but it’s just nice to confirm.

As for our health visitor, I have lost a lot of faith in her. She hasn't followed through with her promises, she hasn't communicated with us and she hasn't been efficient. From now on I will be doing everything through nursery. They will be doing their own check with him in the next few months. I feel they are in a better position to tell me what he will benefit from as they know him and see him in a setting he is familiar and comfortable in.

We will be getting Leo’s hearing checked and my gut instinct is telling me that he will fly through it. My personal opinion is that Leo has just been slower in talking than other kids his age, and as expected, he is getting there in his own time.

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