Friday 11 April 2014

You Amaze Me

It is so easy to get lost in those blue eyes of yours, the way they sparkle, the way that they shine. 

Watching your facial expressions as you move through the world, the way you study a Butterfly land on a leaf and that look of amazement dashes across your face. The compassion and worry in your voice when you saw a dead hedgehog in the road, the way your little voice quivered when you told me 'hedgehog hurt. hedgehog died'. The way you accept the most simple of explanations, and that the hedgehog has gone to sleep for one last time and is now happy way up there in the sky. 

Nothing tops watching you growing up, teaching you about the ways of the world. The good, the not so good and at times the things I wish I never have to tell you about. You are at an age now where you are wanting to know so much, but still learning and not fully comprehending. Still completely innocent. 

When you do something wrong you look for reassurance in me, you run up and kiss me over and over. That's your apology because 9 times out of 10 your feeling to stubborn to use your words for that one particular punch line. You run out and about in the garden, you scoot up and down Granny's drive, and boy have you got fast. You pick daisy's on your travels and bring them back to me. You say 'for you Mummy!' and present me with a bunch that you picked just moments before. You truly sweep me off my feet!

You have the most infectious giggle, and it is a sound that don't go a single day without hearing. You find adventure in everything that you do, and your giggle rang louder the day you sat on my lap as we drove up Granny's long drive way! You laughed even harder when you managed to grab control of the steering and we almost bumped the pillars on the driveway! That would have been an interesting conversation to have with the grandparents little man.

All of a sudden you have completely slotted back into Nursery, and go off with no tears at all. In fact you are so excited by the time we get there, that you ignore the line of people waiting to go inside and run straight past them, under peoples legs until you are inside! There are no goodbyes for Mummy, and I you are completely happy until I turn back up three hours later. 

Each day you are learning something new, saying something new or surprising me in some way. You make my heart melt and I beam with pride. We are on the count down to your 3rd birthday now, and another year has almost come full circle. It amazes me what each year instills in the both of us, and although you started the year as a toddler, we will be leaving it as a 3 year old. A little boy who will be in his very last year before school. A little boy who will be going on many more adventures, and making me even prouder. 

Watching you grow up is the most amazing thing, and I love sitting on the front row, watching, listening and living life with you.

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