Monday 14 April 2014

#NetflixStreamTeam - April

Throughout the year there are a number of special occasions that give us reason to celebrate. In our house Christmas, Birthdays and Easter rank pretty highly, and with Easter on the doorstep and the half term holidays upon us, we are all looking for ways to entertain the kids and of course ourselves.

This Easter break we are looking forward to getting out and doing things as a family, we are hoping for lot's of sunny weather so we can make the very most of the long weekend that is coming our way. Of course if the sun doesn't shine we will need other ways to entertain ourselves and of course Leo. That is where the arts and crafts come in, or even just cracking open some Easter Eggs and relaxing with a good family film.

This month Netlix has teamed up with Konnie Huq and asked her to pick out some of her favourite family films for Easter. There are so many great films on Netflix at the moment so narrowing it down to a few 'must watch' is a monster task! Many of the films that Konnie has picked out are films that we have already been enjoying as a family, but to be honest I am a fan of a film that Leo hasn't made me watch more than 50 times! 

Some of the best family films to sit down and watch together this Easter are:

Leo adores Up and this is a film that we will quite happily sit down and watch with our Easter Eggs! But if you are looking for some content for the younger children then why not tune into The Land Before Time: Wisdom Of Friends. I loved these films as a child and I have taken great pleasure in introducing them to Leo, and as he is currently going through a Dinosaur phase at the moment, it is suffice to say that it has been a BIG roaring hit!

The great thing about Netflix is that they are always bringing new content in, so even after you have spent a rainy day watching lot's of kid television, there is a whole range of programs that are just for you! It takes becoming a parent for you to really appreciate grown up television,  and for me having Netflix at the touch of my fingertips has provided me with so much to watch as and when I can fit it into my busy life. This month I have been enjoying Ugly Betty and I am highly anticipating season 2 of Orange Is The New Black!

In honour of Easter Konnie has put together a fun art and craft for us to do with the kiddies. How about making up some 'Cuddly Easter Bunnies?' For this I will hand you over to Konnie!

'One of the funniest moments I had presenting children’s TV was when I had to do some baking on a live show of Blue Peter with S Club 7, all the while interviewing them, and literally all of the utensils and cooking dishes were missing! It was really chaotic, I kept having to ask the cameramen and crew during the live show “does any one have a spare baking tray?” Very embarrassing but funny too.
Hopefully there is not as much margin for error with this Easter themed craft idea for ‘Cuddly Easter Bunnies’. I love it because they are so simple to make, the kids love them, and depending on how many old gloves you find, you can create an army of these critters!'

1. Materials you'll need:
An old glove
Two buttons
Needle & thread
Cotton wool balls
2. How to do it:
Take your old glove and cut along the dotted white line.
3. Use your needle and thread, and sew on two buttons for eyes then stitch an X for the nose.
4. Turn your bunny inside out and stitch along the cut edge, leaving enough of a gap to stuff
5. Turn your bunny back out and stuff with wadding, then finish stitching to close the gap
6. To finish, stick a cotton wool ball on the back with multipurpose glue for the bunny's tail. Tie a ribbon round the ear or neck and bend the longer ear down. 

Turbo FAST competition time!

The Next batch of Turbo FAST episodes from season 1 are available to watch on Netflix now. This month why not get the kids to review? We will be giving our star review a 6 month Netflix subscription as a competition prize to give to your readers. So revv up your engines and get reviewing!

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