Thursday 3 April 2014

A Family Guide To Italy

Becoming a family puts life into a whole new ball game, kids change absolutely everything. They have to, after all it is their god given right to do so! When we become a family of 3 back in 2011, we adjusted ourselves, our home, our lifestyles all to make life as child friendly as we could. To this day we have to scrutinize everything we do to make sure Leo is catered for, and that includes holidays.

When it has come to planning holidays we have found it difficult to find a destination that caters for all of our individual needs. I like to spend time by the pool and the beach, Luke likes to get out and be as active as humanly possible, and Leo is at an age where he cannot stay still. We need to consider the duration of flight's and cannot risk flying anywhere to exotic, as the flight there would have me at risk of pulling all of my hair out.

It is good to look ahead at relevant guides before you make a final decision on your Summer holidays, I recently contributed to this family guide to Italy.

 We always do lot's of research before committing ourselves to going abroad, it is good to know what is within the local vicinity, what the hotel is like and whether there will be a great range of things to do.

Europe is very popular with families for this very reason, we have beautiful destinations right on our very doorstep. Italy is a increasingly popular for family holidays thanks to the 2 hour flight time, and the family friendly resorts and hotels. It ticks so many boxes for our little family, with the beautiful beaches for me to bask under the sun, and splash about in the sea with my two year old. It gives us the options of days out and about to visit the bustling city's and stunning scenery. It seems they have something for absolutely everybody.


Tuscany is a beautiful destination, and many people visit just to experience the brilliance of their wide open space. The countryside is truly breathtaking, and it is always nice to get outside and experience the country you are holidaying in. There are many ways you can get outside and enjoy this beautiful part of the world, you could join a hike or maybe even rent a bicycle (and trailer for Leo in our case!). Tuscany offers an ideal location for cycling enthusiasts of any level, even the most relaxed of cyclists (like myself) would enjoy pedaling calmly through this beautiful region.

If I ever do visit Tuscany I will have to stop by the village of Saturnia, a small town in Maremma. It stands on top of a hill overlooking the very famous Thermal Baths. Saturnia's Thermal Baths are made up of Several springs stretching from Mount-Amiata to the hills of Albenga, Fiora, even reaching to Roselle and Talamone. The waters reach temperatures of 37.5°c and legend tells us that it is the exact point that Jupitars Thunderbolt fell in a battle against Saturn.

A truly beautiful place that the entire family can enjoy.


Campania for us would be a great location for a beach front holiday. Leo is at an age where the beach is absolutely vital. Splashing around in the surf and chasing the waves are the very thing that dreams are made of. I adore a day relaxing along the sea front, the fresh air, the atmosphere and just watching Leo have the time of his life. 

The beaches are very popular and popular for swimming, there are a number of must visit beaches, some completely off the beaten track, and in my honest opinion these beaches are the hidden gems!

- Vico Equense - This gem of a town is based on the Sorrentine Peninsula. It boasts 7 beaches set away within beautiful coves.

- Punta del Capo - A beach set under the cliffs near Sorrento. Nearby are the ruins of a Roman villa, along with a small pool of water enclosed by rocks, known as the Bath of Queen Giovanna.

- Bay of Ieranto: Part of the Marine Preserve of Punta Campanella, this unique fiord is hard to reach, but is absolutely stunning. When the light is just right at sunset, the clarity of the waters here create the illusion of boats floating in midair.

I find that keeping Leo busy throughout the day and taking part in a mixture of different activities, we can keep everyone happy. Leo would be happy to spend the day at the beach and then grab an authentic Italian Pizza, and to be honest, that sounds like a fantastic day to me. 

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