Wednesday 16 April 2014

The Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Review

Back in December I was invited along to visit Dyson so they could un-veil their latest cordless vacuum. The Digital Slim DC59.

I was really looking forward to seeing what changes had been made, as I had been using the DC44 for a year and absolutely loved it. So I was certain that I would be as equally impressed if not more by the changes that they have implemented in this time frame.

Before I used the Digital Slim for the first time well over a year ago, I have to admit I didn't think I would be a fan. We have a full size Dyson so surely I wouldn't need anything else? Before long though I was reaching for my cordless vacuum over the big one each and every time. I found it so convenient, especially with having a toddler around the house who literally just seemed to magnetically attract crumbs in his wake.

While we were visiting Dyson’s Marketing Head Quarters we put the DC59 to the test against a number of competitors. I found this really interesting because some of the models prices were very similar to the Dyson, yet the performance was absolutely abysmal. We were vacuuming up flour and other objects that we had placed on some tiled flooring. Some of these competitor models couldn’t even get it all up off the floor, and I found this rather shocking. The DC59 rocked it, and even managed to get the flour that had fallen down a crevice.

Seeing the DC59 up close and personal I could see instantly where some of the changes had been applied. The first thing I noticed was how it looked, in comparison to my DC44 it looked more modern and visually better. In terms of power, they have cranked it up a notch so that it now sucks up just as much dust as a corded vacuum, thanks to its 2 Tier Radial Cyclones.

What’s in the DC59 box?

Crevice Tool
Combination Accessory Tool
Removable Wand
Mini Motorised Tool
Docking Station
Battery Charger
Quick Start Guide
2 Year Guarantee

I have been using the DC59 since December 2013 and have been really impressed with it. I can definitely feel the extra suction while I am vacuuming, and it sucks up so much more efficiently. I use it all around the house and very, very rarely get the full sized vacuum cleaner out these days. I leave it on charge via the handy docking station that you can attach to a wall, so that it is always ready to go.

In terms of the actual use and handling between the DC44 and the DC59 there isn’t much difference. You still have the same button that you have to push in to turn it on, and then release to turn it off. For me personally the biggest improvement is that it has better suction.

The DC59 is completely cordless and runs on battery power (Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery). The battery life on these may not sound very long but I think you would be surprised when it actually comes to using it around your house. We live in a reasonably sized house, it’s not big but there is not a room in the house that I don’t use this vacuum cleaner. The run time for the DC59 is 26 minutes (This has been improved from the 20 minutes run time on the DC44), but thanks to the run time enhancing trigger you can get the very most out of your Dyson. Un-like many other hand held cleaners that stay turned on from start to finish, you can get more out of your handheld because it doesn’t have to stay on. So in between cleaning tasks you can turn it off, for instance when you wander from the living room to the dining room. This means that the battery time is only used for vacuuming and you aren’t loosing precious time.

Of course there is a boost mode, that gives you more suction but decreases your running time. I find that it is handy to have the boost, because there are occasions that warrant it. The dust collection compartment may seem small, but I have never struggled with emptying it frequently.

I recommended the Dyson DC69 to my partner’s family after I was so pleased with it, and they went out and bought one. I was really surprised to find out that they weren’t as impressed with it as I had been. They didn’t think that the suction was that great in comparison to their full sized vacuum. The only instance I have found the suction a little lacking is when the head is off, but with the attachments are on, it definitely lives up to my expectations.

The filter should be washed and air dried each month, admittedly I am guilty of forgetting to do this, but it is so easy to do. Instructions on how to do this are included within the manual.

As this is a hand held vacuum you can use it for absolutely everything, and that is exactly what we do. From cleaning the entirety of the house, from the cobwebs on the walls, to the stairs and of course the rooms. We even use it when we clean the cars. The number of different attachment’s that are included make it a great all-rounder.

Over all I have really benefited from the improvements, and really like the DC59. I just love the convenience of being able to un-plug from the dock and get on with the cleaning. There is no hauling the big vacuum out, plugging it in and slowly going from room to room. It is just easy.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Dyson DC59 for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are completely honest and my own.

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