Monday 7 April 2014

A Triumphant Potty Moment

Sometimes your average day can take a unexpected turn, one minute you are going through your average Sunday afternoon, and the next the most amazing thing is happening! Take yesterday for instance, we were having a quiet day at home and indulging in Leo's latest love of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, when Leo decided he needed a wee. As we had spent the entire day at home, and Leo had systematically pulled off everything he had been wearing including his nappy... I thought I would present the same opportunity I always do when we find ourselves in this situation. I offered the potty!

Of course I had an idea of what Leo was going to say in mind, and it usually goes something along the lines of 'No!! Nappy!' and I give up and put one on him. This time I threw in a bit of reverse psychology and told him that I bet he couldn't do a wee wee on the potty. Of course hearing those words, it's enough to make you consider the impossible. When someone tells you that you can't, that is when you decide that you will and that you can! 

Leo got down from his perch on the sofa and wandered over to the potty, he sat down. I watched while sat on the edge of my seat, it was as though I was about to witness a historic moment in time, one that would warrant a standing ovation. I tried not to show my excitement, if he saw me play that card prematurely. he may stand up and this whole exercise would have been thwart, but still he stayed sat on his potty.

It's not the first time has has sat there and told me he is going to go for a wee, he usually sits there for a few minutes and then stands up declaring that he has finished...Revealing an empty potty. Today felt different, it was as though he was determined and he was ready to take this all important next step. Then I heard it, the song Leo's potty sings when it is being used! Leo was taking his triumphant first wee in the potty!

He sat there until he was done, he stood up to inspect the contents and I just had to give him a high 5! It has been a year since the potty first arrived, we have left it out just so he can get used to it. Since that first wee he has gone on to use it twice! We are definitely getting somewhere, so we will continue to take baby steps as we do with everything else, and now he is ready we will start to tackle potty training! 

Hear that nappies! Your days are numbered!


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