Tuesday 7 February 2012

007 Mission - Search & Rescue: Sophie The Giraffe

Mission Notes
Sophie The Giraffe was last seen safe and well in Leo's clutches on a brisk walk home from town. Sophie was nestled securely inside Leo's cosytoes. Upon release from the cosytoes for Leo's entertainment and play....Leo dropped Sophie without Mummy's knowledge.

Upon a check point it became apparent that Sophie The Giraffe had jumped ship....Your mission is to send out a search and rescue team....Find Sophie and bring her home safe and well, for Leo's future enjoyment and companionship....

Now GO!

The Mission Unfolds...
It is un-clear just how long Sophie has been missing, and whether or not she had been left by the river whilst feeding the ducks, or was lying helpless on the side of the road wondering if she would ever be found. All that is known... was she is missing.

I 007 agent Mummy took an oath to serve and protect Leo and all his beloved toys, and now one of them is missing. I will not sleep...or eat until Sophie is found and returned back to her rightful owner!

Our story unfolds on a sunny winters day on Saturday 28th January at about 3pm...Leo was happily playing with Sophie before her disappearance on a walk home...or so I thought...

The cosytoes was un-zipped to enable further play and Leo must have taken that small opportunity to throw Sophie over-board...but where? There was no squeak from Sophie to alert to any problems...just silence.

I looked around the push chair and immanent area...No sign. To save ourselves a walk back to town I continued the short walk home to enlist a team of help. We jumped into the 007 agents car and doubled back on ourselves!

Upon our initial sweep of the area...There was no sign of Sophie at all. We drove around the whole area...we finally reached the realisation that Sophie may have been Giraffe napped and as the minutes rolled by, the chances of finding Leo's beloved Sophie became slimmer, and slimmer.

We turned the car back around and decided to call the mission in: Sophie was gone. I couldn't help thinking that we had given up too soon, but if Sophie had been Giraffe napped - We had nothing to go on. What an expensive toy to loose...

Then on the drive home...we saw the silhouette of what looked to be SOPHIE!! There she was, lay on the pavement next to the church. It had to be her...How many Sophie Giraffes do you found lay around on the streets!? It HAD to be Leo's Sophie!

I slammed the car in to a halt on a junction and put the hazards on, I enlisted my other agent to quickly jump out of the car and retrieve Sophie before she came to any harm!

Sophie The Giraffe had been found safe and well! Nothing a wash wouldn't solve. She looked a little shaken but relieved that 007 Agent Mummy and her search and rescue team had found her!

The Aftermath
Sophie the Giraffe was given a thorough clean up. She was returned to Leo who beamed when he saw her. Mummy Agent made Leo promise that he would never throw Sophie over board again. She told Leo the story of Lotso in Toy Story... How Lotso was never the same after being left and forgotten.

Leo cooed in acceptance, pleased that Sophie was back where she belonged.

Sophie says
'It was a scary day...I know Leo meant me no harm and I count my lucky Giraffe spots that Agent Mummy found me. I now intend to put the events of that day behind me and focus on making my Leo smile'

Sophie and Leo are still the best of friends....

Mission Lessons
Keep a close eye on all Toys... Just in case 007 Agent Mummy needs to perform such actions at a future date.

Well done 007 Agent Mummy! Look after Sophie now little Leo xx


  1. I am so glad you found your Sophie, I think dear Sophie likes to take the odd wander.We had Sophie with us on holiday in Majorca September 2011 and she went missing in the hotel restaurant area..needless to say we were devastated how could we go on with out Sophie, little Anna's best friend.Anna 5 months old at the time was obliviously missing her Pal.Luckily a few hours later we found Sophie Standing tall and proud on a raised wall at the eating area !We think it was perhaps too hot for Sophie that day and she decided to take a dip ! Thank you to the person who rescued her.Once again delighted Leo was reunited with Sophie xx

  2. It sounds like Sophie the Giraffe can be rather elusive! What a good idea she had to stand on the wall waiting to be found!
    The good thing about losing a toy like Sophie is they are unique in the fact not every baby has one! So in that respect she's easier to find than say another toy! I am glad your Sophie was found :-))
    Thanks for the comment :-)) xx

  3. My son now aged 29 still has his Rupert bear that our next door neighbour made him for a christening present..Rupert only has one leg now but he's still there!!
    He won't let his own son anywhere near it..Ahhh...

    1. Aw bless your son! It is Lovely that he still remembers how fond he was for his Rupert bear. My other half had a donkey called Donks. He has just given it to Leo x


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